Saturday, April 28, 2012


Each day at 5 pm I tend to turn on the four letter network to get my sports fix, but it seems that I may as well be watching the local news instead.  Lately, the sports show starts off with some sort of breaking news, or the top story of today, and it has nothing to do with sports.  I just want to see scores, highlights and previews for tonight's games.  What do I get instead........ a bunch of bullshit!

There are so many exciting things going on in world of sports.  In football, we have the much anticipated NFL draft, but as soon as the weekend is up, all the attention will go back to "As The New Orleans Saints Turn"!  The beginning of baseball has begun and baseball fans all over the country are optimistic about their team's success.  Baseball was running smoothly until the morning of April 27, 2012 when Delmon Young involves himself in a racial hate crime which leads to an arrest.  The regular season in the NBA has come to an end and now the world can finally watch some good playoff basketball.  Leading up to the playoffs, last Sunday in the Staple Center, Metta World Peace's altar ego was at it again.  After having much success in recent weeks, he was shown celebrating after a made dunk.  Metta, who was pounding his chest, purposely woke up Big Bad Ron and what do you know....... he maliciously elbowed James Harden of the OKC Thunder in the back of the head/neck area, knocking him silly to a standing eight count. 

Breaking News:

Athletes, at every level, have to be accountable for all their actions.  There is no excuse for a player such as Delmon Young to exercise his right to be out in public at 2:40 in the morning.  He was intoxicated, and allegedly shoving a man to the ground and making anti-Semitic remarks.  What is the old saying? "Nothing good happens after midnight".  We all have heard that saying, and I have to believe it's a true statement.  I don't want to hear the apology written by Delmon's entourage because I know good and well he doesn't mean it, and the damage is done.  Delmon Young, look in the mirror son!  You are a black man in Major League Baseball that currently has only 8% African American in the sport.  Earlier this month the league just celebrated Jackie Robinson's Day.  What does that day mean to you, Delmon? Jackie Robinson was the man!  He was a pioneer, withstood  insults, and racism, while still having to compete in a league where no one looked like him, and certainly didn't want him there in the first place.  He is the reason why you and other minorities have gotten that slim chance of being a professional ballplayer.  You have been on notice since the day you reached the majors and you can ill-afford any negative publicity.  The Detroit Tigers cannot afford the racist remarks you've made; heck didn't you learn anything from the Ozzie Guillen fiasco?  Think son, THINK!

My last Rant goes to Mr. World Peace.  Fine time to bring out your evil twin.  As I said earlier, the worse thing you could have done Metta, is beat your chest because Ron Artest couldn't wait to come out and play!  Ron, you threw a vicious elbow to the back of James Harden's neck, and you even had the nerve to run down the court and act as if you did nothing wrong.  I guess I have to believe you were the last to realize you actually hurt this man.  As the great Charlie Murphy  would say, "You are a habitual line crosser"! Ron, you will lose over $350,000 in this latest suspension for swinging your elbow.  You have been suspended over 118 games in your career.  You apologized, but I am sick of them.  I don't want to hear it, sincere or not.  If it was an accident, you should have gone to him while he was lying on the ground immediately after the incident happened.  You are a buffoon. The league kind to you, and I don't understand why you are not appreciative of being a part of the game.   The LA Lakers have to do damage control as did Indiana back in 2004 with your altercation among players and fans during a game against the Detroit Pistons.  If there is talk of bounties in sports, you are it Ron!  There will be a time when you have played your last game, and don't be surprise if it's real soon.  My prediction for you, Ron, is you will be black balled from the league, and you will only have yourself to blame.  Come to think of it, you are better fit throwing your hat in the ring as a professional boxer.  Once again, America is salivating for an new Heavy Weight Champ. You would be perfect for the sport and without a doubt be loved by everybody once you became the champ!  Oh well, just a thought.

Now back to your regular scheduled sports program.


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Letter to Roger Goodell

To the Commish,

I never thought I would see the day when the game of football would be watered down enough to allow women to play in the National Football League!  I never thought this day would happen, you have shown that you are an equal opportunist, and for that sake I will be entering my seven year old daughter in little league football this fall!

I think its ridiculous that we are in the year 2012 and you are suspending and fining four New Orleans Saints players for being part of the so-called bounty that lead to no career ending injuries on the football field. Jonathan Vilma gets suspended for a year for being part of the bounty, wasn't he taking orders from his coach?  This is professional football isn't it?  Football is America's newest past time.  Players look forward to the fall season to play this wonderful game because of the love, passion and without a doubt the paycheck that provides them a good living.   

Mr. Goodell, with all these rule changes, you, the commish are destroying this barbaric game I have enjoyed watching every Sunday.  A defender can't hit a defenseless receiver, I wonder how many receptions are completed because of that rule?  Helmet to helmet.  Football is a contact sport and collisions happen. No one is thinking about trying to tackle with their heads.  It's funny, I have seen players hit with their shoulder's and still get a penalty for helmet to helmet.  The rules are unnecessary and flawed!  I love the pending new rule about trying to omit the kickoff, because it's dangerous?  I believe in safety but stop trying to put kid gloves on grown men!  Each individual who plays this game knows the risk of injury.  I don't feel sorry for football players who go out there each weekend and play this violent sport. I think it's a bunch of crap that these players have lawsuits pending because of concussions and other injuries they develop in their career.  There is risk in anything and everything that you do.  I don't see anybody quitting the game because of an injury.  I see athletes working their butts off to get back in the game.

Mr. Goodell, I don't see our Government placing yellow jerseys on our military personnel. Our  soldiers know the minute they sign up the risk they are putting themselves in. Why do you think they sign on? Is it because of the patriotism, honor, integrity?  We know it's definitely not for the pay!

What about police and firefighters who risk their lives every time someone calls 911. Citizens have to think police officers are insane for potentially getting shot at for a living, or watching firefighters go in a burning buildings while everyone else is running out of them!  Police officers wear protected vest but it doesn't mean they won't get injured.  Firefighters wear SCBA masks to avoid smoke, but somehow are still threaten by black lungs.  I don't see anyone protecting them.  There are more police, and firefighters that are in worse shape long term than anybody in your league. I guess what I am really trying to say is, I don't care about injuries in your league!  I don't care about what happens to the players when their career is over. It's risky business out there. Do you think your league is the only place people get hurt?  Mr. Goodell, I bet if you asked a firefighter or police officer why they chose their profession they would tell you because of their love and passion. 

Mr. Goodell, you run the National Football League, and every since you have taken over as commissioner you have become more of a dictator. Your fans have paid good money whether they attend the functions in person, go to a bar, or watch your product at home.  There is nothing wrong with the game right now.  The bounties in the NFL resulted in the suspensions toward the Saints organization.  Who's career ended because of these bounties? Did you suspend people because of a tactic to get the job done? NO ONE WAS HURT from it.  I am sitting here as a novice spectator watching the NHL playoffs and all I see are hits after hits.  Makes me wonder if America should be watching hockey over the newest past time.


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Who's The Best, Who's The Greatest, Who's The # 1 vol. II

The phrase "Who is the best, the greatest, and the number one" has been a term used throughout my childhood. The original KCMAC used that phrase for years. He would tickle me as a child until I would give in and tell him he was the best, the greatest and occasionally saying that MOM was number one. To find out who was the turkey back then, KCMAC would pin me down and if I wanted off my back then I guess I would be the turkey. Well in sports we have athletes who have demonstrated greatness, and athletes who may not have been so great. So I think some recognition is in order.


The Best so far goes to the Baylor Lady Bears basketball program who won a NCAA record 40-0.  Baylor started and finished the season ranked #1 in the country with the help of All-American Brittney Griner who is the most dominant center women's basketball has ever witnessed.  Oh, by the way, their starting five will be back to defend their title next year. Congratulations to Coach Kim Mulkey and the Lady Bears for a magical season.


The Greatest goes to San Antonio Spurs, who for the second time this year has gone on an eleven game winning streak that suddenly ended Monday night against the Utah Jazz. Their streak ends because coach Greg Popovich arrogantly gives Tim Duncan, Manu Ginoboli, and Tony Parker the day off. I'm not sure if it was a wise thing to do considering they have the opportunity to get the number one seed in the Western Conference. The loss placed the Spurs one game out of first behind the Oklahoma City Thunder with 11 games to go. No one can really question the mind of Greg Popovich, who has been pushing the right buttons since 1999. We must remember the last time there was a shortened season the Spurs were holding the Larry O'Brien trophy!


As if you really have to ask.  Who would of thought that a man named Bubba would be wearing the prestigious Masters' green jacket! Bubba Watson is his name, a man who last month squandered a 3 shot lead in the final round of the Doral by losing to Justin Rose by a shot.   This is a man that is self taught, never been coached, and was bold enough to go out there with a pink driver (dad died of throat cancer) to shoot a final round 68 to beat the likes of Mickelson, Westwood, and overcame Louis Oosthuizen in a sudden death playoff.  Bubba Watson has overcome ADHD to win his first major tournament.

Gobble, Gobble! 
Who does the Turkey of the Week goes too?

I would have said the mouth of the Ozzie Guillen for his ill-advised comments he made about his admiration of Fidel Castro.  Of course he was  misinterpreted when he said “I love Fidel Castro.”  He basically said he admires Castro for staying alive/in power this long with everyone out to get him.  He must have forgotten he was in Miami where there is a strong Latino community.  Ozzie is the most defiant person in sports, with authority I have ever seen.  He makes Charles Barkley sound like a role model.  Ozzie being Ozzie....I guess that's what Manny Ramirez would say. I thought he was finished as a coach on that remark.  However he only got a 5 game suspension which seems kind of light especially when people were calling for his firing.  Either way this is probably far from being over and if his comments affect butts in the seats, he's dead man walking anyway.

The true Turkey this time around has to be former Arkansas coach Bobby Petrino!  Unfortunately he and his mistress was involved in a motorcycle accident on April 1, 2012.   That motorcycle was coach Petrino's skeleton in the closet.  Yikes, Petrino is a married man, his mistress is engaged.  He was fired with cause because of misleading University of Arkansas about his accident. His relationship with this woman, who he used athletic department funds to hire her was an unfair advantage bypassing 159 other qualified applicants and was a conflict of interest.  He never informed his athletic director that he gave his mistress $20,000 in cash prior to hiring her.  Petrino's April Fool's joke is on him as he will lose his multimillion dollar buy-out.  Now that's an REAL TURKEY! 

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