Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The 4th Coming of Parcells, Please I had enough.

When football enthusiasts hear the name Duane Charles Parcells they may think of a two-time Super Bowl winning head football coach of the New York Giants ('86 & '90).   His resume in the National Football League places him on that monument of coaches from the Lombardis, Nolls, Shulas, and his protege, Belichicks.  To some, Parcells was a great coach, not only because he won two Super Bowls, but he resurrected two different franchises which makes his legacy even greater.  He brought New England Patriots to the Super Bowl in 1996, though losing to the Green Bay Packers team.  He also brought credibility to the New York Jets by getting them to an AFC championship game.  Lastly, the two-time Coach of the Year, Parcells is known to leave franchises in a better position than they were prior to him being there.  So, it's a slam dunk that Parcells should be a rental coach for the Paytonless Saints team this fall.  I mean he can't possibly @#$# up the New Orleans Saints the next ten months, can he?

The real football coach of the New Orleans Saints is Sean Payton who as of April 1, 2012 will be suspended from coaching his team because he lied to Roger Goodell about the bounties his team were issuing in the NFL.  Payton has decided before he has to go into hiatus to make his most daring move as a head coach and bring in his mentor to coach his team. Oh Lord, please, do I really have to listen to the NFL, the four letter network, all the sports radio stations and internet sites kissing the Big Tuna's ring once again?  The Tuna's head is already enormous, and you know he is loving the fact that his name is out there again. What tickles me is he has the nerve to react as if he really isn't interested in coaching again.  I will say it, why not Tuna, who cares that you will have to wait another five years before being enshrined? The five year rule was made because you kept coming back to coach in the first place.  You will have your day in Canton, but I know you can't resist being on that sideline, especially when you  have a chance to win.  Your protege is reaching out for help.  He trust you more than anyone to take care of his baby!

This is a note to Them Saints Fans (Who That!).  I pray that the Big Tuna takes Sean Payton's offer to coach your football team this fall.  As a Cowboy's fan I would endorse him myself.  I pray that he takes over your team and destroys it the way he did MINE!  The best thing about Parcells being the Dallas Cowboy coach was the day he QUIT! His friends in the media announced his retirement, that's funny because the man QUIT!  Mike Rhyner from the Hardline calls him "The New Jersey Con Man" because he is an individual that we thought would bring credibility back to the Dallas Cowboys organization and all he did was defecated all over Jerry Jones.  I have never seen the hands on owner, Jones, so miserable as when the Con Man was the coach.  He paid Parcells handsomely right after his divorce settlement in 2002.  Those fat pockets didn't generate any playoff victories, as he went 0-2 in his tenure. I remember listening to his hour radio show, daily, doing more talking than coaching.  He wouldn't allow any staff members, players or Mr. Jones to speak with the media.  It was The Con Man's show.  The only coach that could get away with that is former coach, Jimmy Johnson, who has the skins on the wall with the legendary status here in Dallas.  Bill Parcells was a joke down here in Texas and I promise you Jerry Jones couldn't have been happier by his exit.

Once Parcells retired from the "Big D", he found another fish in Miami.  At least he had some sense not to go back into coaching because of the failure in Dallas; heck his last playoff win was in 1998 as the New York Jets' coach. The Miami Dolphin organization must have been under the influence giving the Glorified Gym Teacher (thanks Mike Rhyner!) the keys to the kingdom by announcing him the Executive Vice President of Football (fattening his pockets once again).  Didn't the Patriots owner, Robert Kraft, teach anybody anything? The Con Man cried about not having enough input in player personnel decisions. Upon his departure, Parcells famously stated: "They want you to cook the dinner; at least they ought to let you shop for some of the groceries".  After Parcells departed New England, Kraft brought in a guy named Belichick, and the rest is history.  The Glorified Gym Teacher took over the Dolphins, gutted the coaching staff and team, put his usual Parcells guys in place, (he does this everywhere he goes) and by accident, year two, the team won the division, though losing in the first round of the playoffs.

Bill Parcells is a popular guy, he looks comfortable as an analyst on ESPN, and should consider staying there.  I know all coaches have that burning desire to get back into the game when an opportunity comes available.  The Con Man, Glorified Gym Teacher is 70 years old. We have seen that father time passes both athletes and coaches.  His act, truthfully hasn't worked in two decades.  His name holds plenty of weight but if you are Sean Payton, step back and ask yourself what has he done lately?  Close your eyes and what do you see? Nothing.  As a fan, I have already had a mouth full Tuna. No more please.

KCMAC38 A Fan's Point of View

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Is Peyton Manning Fool's Gold?

The Peyton Manning sweepstakes goes to the Denver Broncos.  John Elway once again did his magical fourth quarter comeback by landing the biggest free agent ever in the NFL.  Its a wrap folks! Fold up your tents, the Super Bowl will reside in the Mile High City for the next 5 years.  Peyton Manning will go down in NFL history as the best quarterback to ever play the game.  He will win an additional 5 MVP's to go along with the four he already has.  Giselle's husband, Brett Favre's protege, the quarterback in New Orleans that knew about the bounties, and number eighteen's little brother will all be  afterthoughts as they will bow down to the G.O.A.T., Peyton Manning!

Well Denver Bronco fans,  Dr. Seuss stop writing feel good stories years ago.  I hope the Bronconation enjoyed their pep rally, because this is the closest to a Lombardi trophy your new quarterback will take you to.  Peyton Manning is a heck of a regular season quarterback that can get you twelve regular season victories each year. He has a Super Bowl win over the Chicago Bears although it was Rex Grossman as the opposing quarterback. Bottom line, his post-season is a frustrating 9-10 record.  Bronco fans, keep in mind Peyton Manning threw PICK6 which cost Indianapolis Colts a Super Bowl win.

The dog and pony show happen this past week in Denver. The Broncos have introduce their new quarterback Peyton Manning, who is now public enemy #1 this fall in the National Football League. I don't think the NFL will have to worry about bounties anymore!(snickering!).  Manning has been the prey of defensive players since he has entered the league so the usual bulls eye on him (neck) won't phase him.  

I wonder if John Elway knows how much pressure he has placed on Manning to deliver a championship to Denver.  Peyton, I thought you wanted to win a Super Bowl. Isn't that the sole reason for leaving Indianapolis is to play for a contender? Of all the teams you could have gone to, you chose DENVER.  What is Denver, besides Elway? Denver is irrelevant. Denver is no Dallas, Pittsburgh,San Francisco, Green Bay, or New York.  No tradition, no one cares about Denver.  Is Denver going to really give you the best chance to win a championship?  The infamous John Elway, Terrell Davis, Shannon Sharp or even Rod Smith are not walking through that door. Believe it or not, the AFC West is one of the toughest, competitive divisions there is. The rivalry with Kansas City, Oakland, and San Diego will be more fierce than what you have experienced in the AFC South. 

I thought you had a sense of urgency, due to you being 36 years old this season.  Knowing it is important to be on a team that gives you the best chance to win, maybe the 49ers would have given you the best opportunity to hold that Lombardi trophy multiple times.  I am sure you will go out there and prove us wrong.  Although it would be good to see you on the field again, it is unfortunately doubtful that the 96 million dollar investment will show a good Super Bowl return.



Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Thursday, March 8, 2012


First thing we learn when playing the game of football is to put your head on a swivel and when a player chooses not to, that his A$$!  Adrian Peterson has the NFL rushing record of 296 yards in a single game against the San Diego Chargers.  I bet there were Charger players, coaches and fans making a vow  to each other to get this Mother, SHUT YO MOUTH, out of there!  Tom Brady threw for 517 yards and 4 touchdown in the first game this past season in Miami!  How embarrassed were the players and coaching staff after an ass whooping they received in front of all their fans on Monday Night Football.

Breathtaking highlights happens while competing in football from week to week.  We watch unique players on offense, from pee wee football all the way up to the professional level trying to embarrass the opposition.  We watch hotdogging, showboating, and other celebrations when a touchdown happens. It is part of the game and that is one of the reasons why football is so popular today.  The other reason why football is so popular, it's a physically demanding game. 

I am in disbelief at several football analysts and radio sports jockeys we listen to who have never played the sport criticize how horrible it is to have a BOUNTY on a player.  ARE YOU F'N KIDDING ME?  A BOUNTY, FOR REAL, SERIOUSLY! There has been a BOUNTY on football players since the game began. 

Lets define the word BOUNTY.  The definition of BOUNTY is a gift or a reward, something freely provided.

High school and college football use some sort of a mascot sticker (a reward) usually given out on Monday for outstanding plays that occurred in the past game.  In professional football there are no STICKERS given out; but there are motivation tactics for succeeding.  Now what would be an incentive to blast the upcoming opponent's top player whether it be the quarterback, running back, or receiver?  Could it be money? Well if so, then what is the problem?  

Football players receive a playbook each week, and in that book coaches put on a sermon about certain ball players that need to be stopped.  This is where the BOUNTY begins.  Coaches may practice a play fifteen times until a play is right.  If the opposing team has an offensive or defensive stud that is a threat to a possible victory, then we might need to take his A$$ out! 

America..... Are you really shocked that a BOUNTY exist in the NFL? Do you know what these NFL players do for a living?  THEY HIT FOR PAYCHECKS!  Is the NFL going soft on us once again? I shell out a few hundred bucks each year for the NFL Ticket on Directv purposely to watch smash mouth football.  I pay to see some of the best performers run, catch, and throw touchdowns.  As a defensive minded guy, I want to see blood making the grass grow from a pulverizing blow from a James Harrison quarterback sack on Colt McCoy or a TKO'D by Donte Whitner on Pierre Thomas. MAN DOWN! Down goes Thomas! 

Brett Favre was quoted the other day "I've always been friends with Darren Sharper, and he came in a couple times and popped me hard. I remember saying, 'What the hell you doing, Sharp?' I felt there should have been more calls against the Saints. I thought some of their guys should have been fined more.''  Players are trying to win by any means, if you are the best player then you are public enemy #1.

The game of football is the best sport in America,  our modern day clash of the titans.  With that said, I am tickled by all of these non-athletic media experts astounded to what went on in New Orleans. There are media types that think Gregg Williams and Sean Payton should receive a lifetime banishment from the NFL for allowing a BOUNTY pot to go on.  Last I checked football players wear protective gear from head to toe.  NFL referees are responsible for protecting players, and if there are illegal hits, the league does not have a problem handing out  fines and suspensions.  

Football is a contact sport better known as legalize violence at any level. Its popularity comes from being able to knock the snot out of the opposing players.  At anytime a player can literally hit somebody as hard as they possibly can and fans in the stand will jump up and down cheering for that exclamation point. 

You can take the money out of the equation all you want, but the BOUNTY will still exist, they will just call it a TARGET! The Indianapolis Colts won ten games, 11 out of 12 years. Last year they were 2-14, you don't believe Peyton Manning thinks he was a TARGET. The last time I checked in 2010 the New Orleans Saints won the Super Bowl using the BOUNTY system. 

In the words of Herm Edwards "YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME"! 


Monday, March 5, 2012


A FAN'S POINT OF VIEW: Lamar Kardashian A.K.A ALICE THE GOON!: Yeah I said it, Lamar better known as Alice the Goon! All he has done in a Dallas Maverick uniform is mope! If you didn't know any better ...

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Lamar Kardashian A.K.A ALICE THE GOON!

Yeah I said it, Lamar better known as Alice the Goon!  All he has done in a Dallas Maverick uniform is mope!  If you didn't know any better you would have thought he was traded to one of the bottom feeders of the NBA such as the Bobcats, Wizards, Cavaliers, Hornets!  

The L.A Lakers gave the Goon up for nothing, which now seems to be a genius move. Maybe it was the Lakers plan to use Lamar as a sleeper cell the whole time. Was it Lamar's mission to sabotage the Mavericks?  He did ask for a trade. I know Dallas isn't L.A. but hey, the Mavericks are coming off their first NBA championship ever.  Although the Dallas Mavericks are not the same team they were last season, they are one of a handful of teams with an opportunity to compete for another championship this year.  For that to happen Dallas would need the service of last years sixth man of the year Lamar Odom, not that wimpy scalawag Alice the Goon on Popeye.  

Mr. Kardashian, you have sicken my stomach ever since you landed here in Dallas with all your  melodrama that is going on in your life.  I have to watch your damn show to get some insight on why you are playing so poorly.  Marc Cuban and Rick Carlisle have catered to you and your entourage ever since you have arrived to the Lone Star State.  Everyone gets a pass for not being in basketball condition this season because of the NBA LOCK OUT; but Mr. Kardashian you make a whopping nine million dollars a year.  I haven't seen such filth on the court for that kinda of money since we finally got rid of the second best center in the NBA two years ago in ERIC DAMNEER! 

Dear Lamar,

I hope you enjoyed your vacation!  Just to let you know I am not interested in your personal issues that you have been dealing with the past ten days.  Earlier in the week the team threaten you, a thirteen year veteran, by placing you in the NBA D- League for a game or two.  I don't know why the Mavericks went soft and cancelled you going to the minor leagues but I hope it humbled you enough to get your act together.  There is still time to salvage this season. Its up to you, remember you are auditioning for a contract at the end of this season because your team option is not guaranteed.  I can almost promise you will not be back in Dallas. As a Dallas Maverick fan all I want you to do is to show better body language because its very poor. Give better effort and act like you give a damn. Believe it or not, you are in a good situation to help this team so it is up to you.

Sincerely yours,

KCMAC38 of A Fan's Point of View