Monday, March 11, 2013


I don't know who to blame, Chris Paul for setting Brandon Knight up or DeAndre Jordan for his posterizing dunk on Brandon who was simply trying to draw a charge.  Not only did he fell taking the charge; but the ref had the nerve to call Knight for a blocking foul!  Oh, that was the least of his worries!
What is the most humiliating thing that can happen to anybody that plays the game of basketball.  Well it sure ain't shooting an air ball.  Fans in the stands can shout out air ball, air ball, air ball, that's not a big deal, it's no different from shooting a brick, everybody does it.  I can relate to the embarrassment Brandon Knight is going through, I can remember 20 years ago playing high school basketball against the mighty Raytown South Cardinals, who had two beast on their team over 6'9".  One of them name Chris Lindley (God rest his soul) received the ball at the free throw line on a fast break. Little old me, standing a whopping 5'9, was going to take one for the team and draw a charge against this locomotive.  I stood there and WHAM!  My back is supine on the floor and this young man is hanging on the rim looking down at me with a smile. Stars are swirling around my head and the ref call a blocking foul.  I laid there thinking ain't this a.... well you know.  I sat up and I saw a bunch of my classmates pointing fingers at me as the crowd was roaring.  Well I learned a lesson that day..... Get the hell out the way!

As I stated in the beginning, I know how you feel Brandon Knight, the humiliation of being dunk on is by far the worst thing that can happen in the game of basketball, especially if you are a member of the National Basketball Association.  Each human highlight move is shown repeatedly on Youtube, local sports news, ESPN, and not to mention if it's a national televised game.  The instant replays, over and over, PAUSE IT!......and over again.  We use text messages, emails, social networks and talk radio just in case some poor chap didn't get a chance to see Brandon Knight's demise.

Brandon Knight's Demise


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