Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Is Mark Cuban Really A MFFL?

mfflFor those who don't know what MFFL means: Mavs Fan For Life.  It was Mark Cuban's, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, way of saying jump on board and I will take you to the promise land.  Well, I did, in fact he made me a big believer, soon as he took over a dismal team that was far from irrelevancy back in 2000.  He orchestrated a squad, led by future Hall of Famer Dirk Nowitzki to two NBA Finals, winning one of them back in 2011.  Whom, 2011,  seems like a distant memory now, especially when Mark Cuban did the inevitable.
He dismantled a NBA championship team. Not since, Michael Jordan, Chicago Bull's teams in the late '90s did we see a such thing.  Instead of challenging for a repeat, he decides to render the services of Tyson Chandler.  Chandler, who played one season with the Mavs, is the best center in Dallas Mavericks history.   Cuban had an opportunity to use the amnesty clause on Brendan Haywood in order to keep Chandler, instead he elected to watch Tyson leave for free agency without compensation.  Funny thing about it, he held onto Haywood the year after the championship, only to use the amnesty clause on him during this past offseason.  Other intrigued pieces to the championship were Caron Butler (who was injured but still valuable), J.J. Berea (who was the smallest Maverick but added valuable points off the bench), Deshawn Stevenson (who provided toughness and gritty defense), and Jason Terry (who was the heart and soul, a true Maverick, who walked and talked a NBA championship for the Dallas Mavericks).

Amnesty Clause: The NBA's next collective bargaining agreement may include some form of "amnesty clause," allowing teams to eliminate bad player contracts under certain conditions.

Is the sky falling?  MFFL, take a deep breath and ask yourself, "WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING ON AROUND HERE?" Has Cuban lost his mind? YES!  Okay, deep breath taken, what are you going to do MARK CUBAN?
Mark Cuban has been preaching that the most important thing today is financial flexibility; his plan was to be a central figure in the 2012 trade market.  Since he has owned the team, he has never had flexibility to land free agents because money is always tied up.  The team is getting old and its the first time the Mavericks can possibly add a superstar to play alongside Dirk.  "Okay, you have my attention", intrigued Mavs fan.  On paper, it sounds like a slam dunk.  Grabbing Deron Williams who is from the Dallas area and  somehow luring Dwight Howard.  Now I understand why we would get rid of Tyson, to get Dwight, makes sense to me. Jason Kidd already said he would sign back because of his relationship with Deron Williams.   The 2012 free agency was to be an upbeat time for MAVSNATION, as we were to start the season better than ever.  Only one thing, Cuban didn't land that big fish, didn't close the deal on a superstar free agent.

cuban5Excuse me, doesn't Mark Cuban star on the ABC hit show, Shark Tank?  On his show he is an investor looking to capitalize on small business owner inventions.  He is pretty savvy and the show demonstrates why he is a shrewd business man.  Is Shark Tank  the reason why Mark Cuban couldn't land a top free agent this summer?  Marcel Mutoni from Slamonline wrote an article about the top free agent Deron Williams being pursued by the Dallas Mavericks this offseason.
According to Deron Williams, one of the biggest reasons he’s not a Dallas Maverick today, is that Mark Cuban didn’t show up for a meeting.
Cuban was busy taping his TV show “Shark Tank” in California, and sent Mavs head coach Rick Carlisle and GM Donnie Nelson to meet with the free agent superstar point guard.
This did not sit well with D-Will, who felt that his questions about the direction Dallas was taking were left largely unanswered.
Deron Williams fell through and stayed with the Brooklyn Nets, Orlando Magic gave Dwight Howard up for a cup of coffee to the LA Lakers.  The Mavericks couldn't even keep old man Kidd, who belted to the Knicks to play with former teammate Tyson Chandler.  Flexibility, now that's funny, the Dallas Mavericks have all this flexibility in the world and can't sign a single superstar to play with Dirk.   The only option for the 2012-13 season was to sign journeymen (Elton Brand, Chris Kaman, O.J Mayo, Dahntay Jones and Darren Collison) to one year contracts.  As a MFFL, I am so ecstatic!  Watching a team with a record of 16-23 each night.  This is what the MFFL had envisioned for our big free agent season.   Just two years removed since the Dallas Mavericks fans witnessed their first NBA championship and now their beloved team can't even compete for the 8th seed in the western conference.  So Mr. Cuban, why are you being so brass now, and telling the basketball world you are ready to deal for players now?  According to Brad Townsend, a reporter for the Dallasnews.com., Mavericks owner Mark Cuban declared that there was a 100-percent chance that the Mavericks will try to make a trade before the Feb. 21 trade deadline.  Monday, Cuban practically stated his intentions in a Jimmy Johnson-esque three-inch headline, saying,

“We’re letting everybody know the Bank of Cuban’s open. And if it’s the right deal, we don’t mind taking back money. But we’re not going to do a trade just to do a trade. It’s got to be worthwhile.”
Only one problem Mark Cuban,  no one wants to come to Dallas.

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Thursday, January 10, 2013

BBWAA? Who Needs The Hall Of FAME!

The most anticipated day in the Baseball Writers' Association of America (BBWAA) has finally come and gone and yes of course they have spoken loudly with their pens selecting who they think is worthy of getting into their precious Baseball Hall of Fame.  This year baseball has taken a closer interest in who is voted in because of the elite and polarizing names displayed on this year's ballot; and yes this is the only time these so-called sportswriters finally get to stick it to the likes of Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens while remaining anonymous.

Well if I were a betting man, I would say that both Bonds and Clemens are not surrounded by friends and family today, waiting for that phone call from the BBWAA telling them about their induction into the Hall.  It AIN'T happening today.  No one is getting in.  The hall of fame voters have made their decision to select no one in their exclusive fraternity all because of P.E.D.s.  Now we get to listen to BBWAA take center stage today, explaining their actions, like we give a crap on why the likes of a Curt Schilling, Mike Piazza or a Jeff Bagwell were not worthy enough to enter the Hall this year.  I'm sure as years will pass, their stats will improve tremendously and it will allow these player to squeeze into the Hall with the minimum 75% they need to make it.  When you decide to keep the all-time hits leader out, the all-time home run king who has 7 MVP awards out and the 7 time Cy Young award-winning pitcher out then your reasoning is pointless.

Speaking of Pete Rose, the best advice he could give Bonds and Clemens is to hope they never get inducted!  Hall of Fame!  Who Needs the Hall Of Fame!  For over twenty years, baseball has kept Pete Rose out of the Hall of Fame for admitting to gambling.  As much as Rose belongs in the Hall, the attention he receives is far greater than any member in Cooperstown.  The same attention will be for both Barry and Roger.  I mean lets face it, all three men would forever be linked together as the greatest players not to be enshrined.  When was the last time you heard the names of George Brett, Willie Mays, Sandy Koufax, Johnny Bench and Hank Aaron.  No one is talking about them.  We have been talking about Pete Rose's fate for the two decades now. If you are Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens, you want to be the topic of conversation.  What is the old saying, any positive or negative news is good news.  You both have demanded the spotlight in your playing days, and both of you will continue being the center of the baseball world for many years to come.  Don't get me wrong, the Hall is a special place; but for you two, if you really want to go, buy a ticket.  I'm sure you will get a few laughs when you see some of your own artifact inside the museum.  Look at the bright side,  you made mega bucks playing a little boys game and you will never have to payback a single dollar for your transgressions! Your records don't have asterisks beside your name so take it with a grain of salt and accept the deal you made with the devil.

Someone please tell me what is the big deal about the Hall if you are not putting in the best players?  It's a museum where the best of the best show up once a year, wearing their golden jacket honoring the neophytes to the frat house.  Each new member receives a plaque and gives a speech, talking about the good old days.  Why would anyone be interested in this years Hall of Fame class that has selected no new members.    If the agenda in 2013 was to punish the likes of Craig Biggio, Curt Schilling, Mike Piazza, Fred McGriff, Jack Morris, and Tim Raines, you have done just that.  I can only imagine what Cooperstown will look and sound like this summer (CRICKETS....LOUD CRICKETS!)
I have a family member that said baseball 20 years from now will be competing with the NHL for survival.  Good job BBWAA, you have had your day now go away.
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