Tuesday, June 12, 2012

LeBron.......It's TIME!

Hey "Chosen One" it's me again, your Conscious. I am here to remind you of what day it is. It's a significant day in our short history as a Miami Heat. I know, I know, today is game one of the 2012 NBA FINALS, against our new foe of the future, #35. But hold up, not so fast, we will discuss game one in a moment. Before we are able to move on, we must attack the past head on. June 12, 2011, exactly one year ago, was game six of NBA FINALS, where Dirk Nowitzki and the Dallas Mavericks celebrated a NBA Championship on our home floor. LeBron, do you recall that series, where everyone was wondering where the hell we went? I know it didn't feel right when Dirk was the MVP of the Finals, holding our Larry O'Brien trophy in our house. We finally made it through a strike, a shortened season and playoff battles against both Indiana and Boston. Once again we come back to the promise land.

IT'S TIME, this whole series is about us. It's time to shine and carry the Miami Heat Organization on our back. We didn't come to Miami for second place, if so we could have stayed in Cleveland. Remember 5,6,7? "I know we ran off our mouth, but that's partly my fault because I wanted some of the spotlight as well!"  There is nothing wrong with a little pressure on us. Our nucleus is better than last year. Heck, we aren't even favored to win.

IT'S TIME, OKC is ready, ready to take what is ours. #35 on the Thunder is the foe that has the potential to take everything from us. The question is, who is hungrier? #35 can't get enough on his plate, in fact he and his squad have been going for seconds! After we join forces with DWade and Bosh, who would have thought there would be a team more talented than us? OKC is younger, they play exciting team ball and they believe it's their time.

IT'S TIME, LeBron, I want that ring! Do you know how sick and tired I am of the "Conscious of Kobe Bryant"? It's getting old, all that damn laughing and snickering in my face, with his bling, bling! I wish I could knock the %^&* out of him! This is for all the marbles. Kobe AIN'T even the issue anymore. What I am trying to tell you is, #35 is our adversary. We are very similar to him. We both are freakish by nature, no one on the court can stop us and we both want the same thing, a championship. #35 is a three-time NBA scoring leader who is going after our, our fame and our 5,6, and 7 championships! The three-time scoring leader for the Thunder is trying to write our history. Starting tonight, we put an end to his premature thoughts. We waited all year for this, we will go out there and play our game and who knows, celebrating in Oklahoma City won't be so bad. Last I checked, LeBron, we are the three time MVP!



  1. Yes, let's hope they focus on #35. There's nobody on the Heat who can guard #0 either. Oh yeah, there's a #13 too. Oh yeah, and Wade has been getting his knee drained, so looks like LeBron is missing his CRUTCH!! Too bad.

  2. Its amazing how fast OKC is on the court. Can't believe how old Miami looks minus LeBron, game 1 looks like LeBron and the Cleveland Cavs all over again. I guess whatever spell the Cavs owner has on LBJ is working out pretty well!