Friday, May 1, 2015



Alex Rodriguez smashes home run number 660 Friday night at Fenway Park joining Hall of Fame great Willie Mays for fourth all-time on Major League Baseball home run list. Rodriguez, who was brought in as a pinch hitter, slams a 3-0 pitch over the Green Monster off Red Sox pitcher Junichi Tazawa to break a 2-2 tie in the eighth inning. It was Alex's first ever pinch hit home run and it ended up being the game winner. Take a look: via MLB.com

I guess its good to know Arod still has the green light on 3-0! Now the question is do the Yankees pay him the milestone bonus they now owe for tying Mays? In case you didn't know the Yankees have gone out of their way not to mention A-Rod was approaching the historic mark. The Yankees stance is they don't want to be associated with Rodriguez and the PEDs scandal. Home run #660 isn't marketable and they don't plan to pay the $6million dollar bonus. Of course the players association will have to get involve which could actually become ugly. I don't think the Yankees organization was expecting quite a turnaround from Alex as he has hit six home runs thus far after missing all of last year from suspension.

If the Yankees can accept a game winning home run from Alex then they can damn well pay the bonus that is owed to him. Well, we will see how this soap opera plays out; but as for now congrats on #660 A-Rod.

- LeRoy McConnell III

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