Thursday, February 23, 2012

Who's The Best, Who's The Greatest, Who's The #1?

The phrase "Who is the best, the greatest, and the number one" has been a term used throughout my childhood. The original KCMAC used that phrase for years.  He would tickle me as a child until I would give in and tell him he was the best, the greatest and occasionally saying that MOM was number one.  To find out who was the turkey back then, KCMAC would pinned me down and if I wanted off my back then I guess I would be the turkey.  Well in sports we have athletes who have demonstrated greatness, and athletes who may not have been so great.  So I think some recognition is in order.


I would have to give it to Phillip Mickelson.  At 41 years old, he keeps defying the odds at being one of the greatest golfers to ever play.  Earlier this month he won his 40th career tournament placing him in the top ten of all-time in career wins.  He is in elite company with 4 career majors and at least 40 PGA victories.  Hats off to you Mr. Mickelson.

The San Antonio Spurs!  With all the hype of the Oklahoma City Thunders, Miami Heat, and Chicago Bulls getting off to a fast start, not a single sole is talking about the four time NBA champion San Antonio Spurs.  The Spurs had won eleven straight and a ridiculous seven victories on the road! Unfortunately the Portland Trailblazers ended their run this past Tuesday with a whopping 40 point spanking. Gregg Popovich did give Tim Duncan and Tony Parker the night off and Manu didn't play either.  Hats off to the Spurs.

WHO IS #1?  
Jeremy Lin, the New York Knicks, and the NBA! 

Jeremy Lin is a phenom, who has been an overnight sensation for the last two weeks! Son, whatever you are doing, DON'T WAKE UP!  As a fan, I can't be more proud to see a couch potato take New York by storm.  I wonder how much money Jeremy's brother could get for that couch Jeremy was sleeping on?  This kid is putting up top five point guard stats each game.  Lin must control his turnovers. The game itself will start to slow down for him and with more experience his turnovers will eventually go down.  The New York Knicks are laughing all the way to the bank as Lin is the reason for excitement at Madison Square Garden and his jerseys sales are skyrocketing.  Finally something going right for the New York Knicks.  No more being the laughing stock of the league, booing at the Garden, and threatening Mike D'Antoni's job.  D'Antoni and the organization are looking like geniuses now that Lin has come to save the day.  The NBA is also looking smart because of the positive vibe that is coming from Linsanity. Jeremy Lin has a whole continent watching NBA basketball now.  Hats off to Jeremy Lin, the New York Knicks, and the NBA!

Major League Baseball for losing to NL MVP Ryan Braun who won his appeal of a positive test for a PED, avoiding a 50-game suspension. He's the first to win such an appeal.  I am glad baseball is cracking down and holding their players accountable, but Mr. Braun has said from day one that he was innocent and he was able to prove his case.  I pray that if he continues to be innocent he will be able to restore his good name.  

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