Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mavs Fan For Life?

What the hell just happened?  Just eighteen months ago Dallas Maverick fans just watch our superstar Dirk Nowitzki hold up the Larry O'Brien Trophy as the Dallas Mavericks punched the Miami Heat in the mouth!  We pinched ourselves to make sure we really won and after realizing that it was true, a big grin, a sense of bravado, and a little shit talking to all those Mavs haters!  We gloated a little, we have that right, Marc Cuban and his vision made believers out of us.  He sold the goods and us Mavs Fans bought into what he was selling.  He did the impossible and brought the Dallas metroplex a championship in Cowboy country.

My hangover didn't last very long as we entered the 2011 NBA season without Tyson Chandler, who bolted to the New York Knicks after not receiving a contract extension from Cuban.  I watched the Mavericks give away the best center in the history of the organization and what did he do this past season?  DEFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE YEAR.  You let Chandler walk and decided to keep Eric Dampier's clone Brendan Haywood, who set up his own heist before you use the amnesty clause on him.       Mavericks since you fatten his pockets. 

as expected we literally threw the 2011-2012 season away. This was not suppose to happen to a NBA championship team.  Say Cuban, didn't this team deserve the right to try for a repeat?  I know you are not just satisfied with just one NBA Championship, heck even Houston repeated back in the '90s.  What about San Antonio......they are the benchmark in the state of Texas.

Marc Cuban has a different vision, and he realize that by clearing up salary cap space, he will have financial flexibility for the first time in his regime and be able to sign top tier free agents to play alongside Dirk Nowitzki.  So basically what he was telling the MFFL that we are going to sacrafice the 2011 season and go for broke in 2012.  As I am scratching my head, it sounds good but shaky at the same time.  As much as I want this team to come back and defend their title, maybe Cuban is right.  If we can get our own big three down here in Dallas, wow.  The big three has been a popular trend in the NBA.  Much success has resulted in championships.  Boston, Miami, San Antonio, LA Lakers, all have at least three super stars on their roster. OKC has their big three and Dallas has only one, now I am seeing the vision.  Dallas is a winner, we will have cap space and since Marc Cuban cares about the well-being of the Mavs, its a win win. 

The 2011-2012 NBA season went as expected, the Lakers gave us a sleeper cell name Lamar Kardashian, who pretty much sabotage the Mavs season.  I don't blame him though, without the same nucleus I didn't expect much from this team.  The big picture was this summer's NBA Draft and July 1, when the free agency starts.

I will only speak for myself; but the NBA Draft as a Mavs fans was very ambiguous.  We chose the Tyler Zeller with the #17 pick of the draft and traded him to Cleveland for the #24 pick and two second round picks.  Okay, my heart rate elevated a little with the choice but we traded the pick for 3 additional picks.  With Perry Jones III and Arnet Moultrie still on the board I was excited with the potential of Dallas drafting a talented big man.  Instead David Stern goes up to the podium and says,"With the 24th pick of the 2012 NBA DRAFT, the Dallas Mavericks select Jared Cunningham."  Who? As, I stare at the television, I am looking at the first of three picks and wondering what?  Who is this guy?  I watch some NCAA basketball, I have some idea who a player is and where he is from.  I don't know this kid, who is he?  Marc Cuban and Donnie Nelson (the Mavericks GM), have leadway, a proven track record, hopefully pick number one is a diamond.  I hear the comparisons of Cunningham to a poor man's Russell Westbrook.  I am more concern with July first as free agents can talk to team and this is what Dallas has been waiting for,

 The prize this years free agent is Deron Williams, a metroplex native, the potential second piece in aquiring the big three. Deron Williams narrowed his choices to Brooklyn or Dallas.  Brooklyn can offer he 5 years for 98mil and Dallas can offer 4 for 76

Dallas put every egg in the Deron Williams sweepstakes. 
Cuban was shooting Shark Tank instead of focusing on signing Williams or any other potential free agents. The money is not a factor as

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