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Top 10 Eccentric Hairdos in the Majors

When I think of the top 10 eccentric hairdos in Major League Baseball, I tend to drawback to the 70's where not much grooming occurred. Does anyone remember how cool it was to sport one of those massive Afros, with the long side burns that look like pork chops, worn by Oscar Gamble?

Afro King!
How in the world was he able to keep his cap or helmet on his head while playing all those years? What about Bruce Sutter's mountain man beard. Soon came the mullet hairstyle worn popular by Randy Johnson and John Kruk, and let us not forget the Jheri Curl worn by Tony Gwynn. Do baseball players have that Samson-like thinking where their hair gives them strength. We are decades removed and you will still see ball players sporting some of unique hairstyles. Take a look at the top 10 eccentric hairdos that are worn in Major League Baseball!

10. Pedro Martinez "The Jheri Curl"

Pedro Martinez jheri curl.
When Pedro came on the scene, I immediately thought he could be one of the Jackson 5. Heck outside of Michael, I wouldn't have known the difference. The Jheri Curl symbolized COOL! Many people wished they had one, but honestly if you didn't carry any activator with you, having a Jheri Curl was pointless!

9. Mike Piazza "Wearing his hair blonde!"

Mike Piazza sporting the bleached hair look

When I first saw Mike Piazza's name, I thought PIZZA? Someone actual last name is PIZZA! He was known as the Dodger catcher with the porn star mustache. Then he took his act to Broadway, fighting off rumors about his sexual orientation. Piazza's identity crises with the blonde hair sure didn't help.

The Mullet!
8. Randy Johnson "The Mullet!"
Already the most intimidating man on the mound standing 6' 10". He is not the first person you would consider putting on GQ magazine because of his suave looks. However, if you ever considered the meaning of a mullet hairstyle, your answer is the Big Unit.

“Crazy Eyes”
7. Ross Grimsley "The Consummate Free Spirit!"
Ross Grimsley was known to be a little superstitious. Probably because Grimsley believe in witches and good luck charms. He reckon that a blue and green stone given by a witch was the reason he would win ball games. Of course when Sparky Anderson was made aware of it, he told Grimsley how ridiculous it was and he better stop or folks around the league would think he was....
according to an article in The Sporting News. “You’ll be known as the clown of the league once this gets around.” Grimsley didn’t care. He defended his belief in the charm. “If I think it’ll help me win,” he told The Sporting News, “why shouldn’t I keep in touch with the witch?”
Ross also had hygiene issues. Anytime he had a winning streak going on, his superstitious mind would include no bathing or washing his hair. He was once accused by Billy Martin for throwing spit ball pitches, by using Vaseline hidden in his long black curly hair.
6. Tim Lincecum "SAMSON"

Maybe it is true. The Samson-like hair definitely belongs to "The Freak!" Mr. Lincecum stands at a meager 5'10 while weighing in at 163 lbs., and kicking tail for the San Francisco Giants. I pray that he never meets his Delilah!

5. Brian Wilson "The Mountain Man"

The Hawk & Beard
I can only imagine that Brian Wilson must have a no-trade clause if ever being courted by the New York Yankees. The Yanks have been known for their strict grooming rules, ask Johnny Damon! Brian is a trailblazer as he sports the mohawk and beard. Does anybody remember what Mr. Wilson looked like prior to the beard? How long did it take to grow that thing? In fact, whose beard is better today, Wilson or Oklahoma City Thunder basketball player, James Harden?

Mr. Lock!
4. Manny Ramirez. "The Dreadlocks"
Manny being Manny. I am curious if the women's fertility drug that Manny was taking helped him grow his dreadlocks? No, no they were weaved in, and I hope he didn't pay much to get them done. MY LAMB!

3. Dmitri Young "The Blonde hair & goatee"

The blonde hair & goatee
If you were wondering, that is not Mr. Brown from Tyler Perry's Meet the Browns television show. It is definitely Dmitri Young sporting a blonde goatee and hair! Did he happen to use Mike Piazza's hairstylist? I thought he was cool with the Afro. He is way too young for a mid-life crisis. Note to Delmon Young: Don't take after your big brother on this one!

The Jesus look.
2. Johnny Damon "The come to Jesus look!"
I can remember Johnny Damon as the clean-cut, no facial hair rookie that played for the Kansas City Royals. Then all of a sudden he went to Boston and became an "Idiot". At least that is what he called himself.

1. Coco Crisp "The modern-day Oscar Gamble!"
Just the other day I spoke with a colleague about the massive Afro of Oakland A's, Coco Crisp, has been sporting this season. My only thought was, can Rogaine help me grow my Afro back? I wonder, does Coco use Sta-Sof-Fro? Oscar Gamble has to be reminiscing about the good old days with a smile!

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