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Top ten reasons how the Royals got to the World Series

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Kansas City Royals punch in their World Series ticket for the first time since '85!  That was so long ago that George Brett, the heart and soul of that team is now 61-year-old.   Ronald Reagan was in office for a second term, the popular star-studded song "We Are The World" was a smash hit, Coca Cola's introduced New Coke, Rod Carew of the Anaheim Angels became the 16th player to achieve 3,000 hits in a career and I had a head full of hair!  It's now 29 years later and the Royals are back in business running through American League playoffs unscathed.  Here are the top ten reasons  the Kansas City Royals are back in the World Series for the third time in franchise history.

10. Eric Hosmer's triple in the 12th inning  hosmer  

The 2014 Kansas City Royals had to do the unthinkable.  In order for the Royals to get to the World Series they had a must win wildcard game.  This is baseball's version of March Madness, win or go home.  KC was down 7-3 to the Oakland A's in the eighth inning before tacking on three runs in the inning follow by a clutch run in the bottom of the ninth.  Tied at seven in extra innings, Oakland struck first by scoring the go-ahead run.  Kansas City came up in the bottom half and showed their will by a one out triple by Eric Hosmer. (via MLB.com)

9.  Salvador Perez's walk off single in the bottom of the 12th inning gives KC a 9-8 victory!bleacherreport.com bleacherreport.com

After the heroic triple, Hosmer scored off an infield single by Christian Colon.  Colon soon stole second to get into scoring position.  Which sets the stage for Salvador Perez who was 0 for 5 at the plate with two outs.  Check out his game winning hit. (via Great Baseball Plays)

8. Nori Aoki makes two outstanding catches that keeps the game knotted at 2. www.cbc.ca

Game 1, on the road, in LA, game tied at 2.  The Angels had men on first and second looking to blow this game open.  If Aoki doesn't come up with that Howie Kendricks' long flyball then the Angels might have won that game. (via Carrington Harrison) and you can view the second catch below (via MLB.com)

7. Mike Moustakas' go-ahead HR in the top of the 11th as KC defeats LA Angels 3-2!AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill
AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill

As the clock strikes midnight Mike "Moose" Moustakas delivers the crushing blow giving the Royals a win in Game 1 of the ALDS.  No better way to start your post-season career by belting out a home run in the area where you grew up. (via MLB.com)

6. The Royals have a knack for stealing bases. butler
Kansas City tied a MLB record stealing seven bases in the wildcard game against Oakland A's out of eight tries. It continued in the ALDS as slugger Billy Butler added insult to injury for the LA Angels as he too steals a base! It doesn't matter who KC has on first.  Look for them to continue making their move on the first or second pitch.  Jarrod Dyson and Terrance Gore are added speedsters coming off the bench to go alongside the likes of Cain, Gordon, Hosmer who will swipe a base on you
Last stolen base was in 2012!

5. Herrera, Davis & Holland sportsnola.com sportsnola.com[/caption] The best law firm I mean bullpen in baseball!  If KC is leading after six inning chalk it up as a Royals win!  It all starts when Kelvin Herrera comes in the seventh throwing ridiculous heat. (via MLB.com) The eighth inning belongs to Wade Davis continues throwing heat! (via MLB.com) Greg Holland is the closer the modern-day Dan Quisenberry!  When he enter the game is over! (via MLB.com)

4. Alex Gordon taking over Game 1 of the ALCS vs Baltimore Orioles bleacherreport.com

Alex Gordon stole the show in his first ever ALCS game as he breaks his bat hitting a bases clearing double for an early 4-0 lead.  He makes an incredible catch out in the field and breaks a 5-5 tie in the top of the tenth inning to take a 1-0 lead in the ALCS. Here is a look at the broken bat bases clearing double (via MLB.com)

3. Lorenzo Cain's bid for a post season Gold Glove  and MVP of the ALCS  bleacherreport.com bleacherreport.com

I don't think anybody has enjoyed the baseball playoffs more than Royals center fielder Lorenzo Cain.  Cain has surprised many with his .533 batting average in the ALCS but the world should know that the Royals center fielder is a magician out in the field.  He has saved the Royals by taking away potential runs from opponents during crucial time. (via MLB.com) (via MLB.com)

 2. Mike Moustakas goes head first over the dugout rail making a catch on a foul ball    kansascity.com kansascity.com 

The Royals defense has taken so many opportunities away from the opposing teams and plays like Moustakas giving up his body is the sole reason why the Royals are in the World Series. (via MLB.com)

1. NED YOST  grantland.com grantland.com
The Royals were 48-50 on July 21st and everyone in Kansas City was calling for Yost's head. Their final 56 games of the season the Royals finished with a 36-20 record that led to an 89-73 finish and a wildcard berth. A playoff berth that hasn't happen in 29 years. Since the playoffs have begun the Cinderella Royals have outsmart the likes of Bob Melvin, Mike Scioscia and Buck Showalter with their managerial moves. Pushing the right buttons making moves to pinch hit and pinch run in the latter part of the game. Yost has succeeded in finding the best pitching matchups in duress situations. Are they overachiever, probably so but if you ask them do they think they belong in the World Series? With an 8-0 playoff record so far, without a doubt! 

-LeRoy McConnell III

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