Thursday, October 9, 2014

Watch: J.J. Watt scores his third touchdown of the season on a fumble return

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If someone told you that J.J. Watt scored another touchdown your response probably would go like this, AGAIN!  Yes again, the talented defensive end for the Houston Texans has scored his third touchdown of the season.   It is his third different way of scoring.  Already this season he has mastered a pick six, a touchdown reception and now a 45 yard fumble return.  Take a look: (via XFINITY Sports)

Needless to say J.J. has already scored more touchdowns than the likes of Jamal Charles, Roddy White, DeSean Jackson, Frank Gore, Vernon Davis, Megatron, AJ Green, LeSean McCoy and Larry Fitzgerald.

 -LeRoy McConnell III

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