Thursday, September 5, 2013

Watch Eagles Cooper & Williams fight on the field

(AP Photo/Matt Rourke)
It's Not so Brotherly Love in Philly after all!  Thursday's practice in Philadelphia included a sparring session between the most controversial receiver in the NFL, Riley Cooper & newly acquired cornerback Cary Williams.  As both players were trying to make a play on the ball ended up in a altercation that may not have anything to do with football.  Take a look:
courtesy of comcastsports.com

If you don't know by now, Riley Cooper has been under extreme scrutiny for his outburst at a Kenny Chesney concert.  A video went viral showing Cooper using the N-word.  Cooper recently took a leave of absence in July hoping for the story to die down.  Only problem is, a certain Eagles' player, who had issues with what Cooper said showed some aggression at Thursday's practice. Cary Williams, who is known for being a hot-head, made his feelings known by shoving, throwing punches, grabbing Cooper's face mask and pitching his helmet, all that before Eagles quarterback, Michael Vick broke up the incident.  If we could only read lips!  Folks are fooling themselves if they really thought the Riley Cooper incident that happen close to two months ago was all forgiven.  This incident isn't a big deal, teammates are known to fight in practice.  They are itching for the season to start and altercations do happen; but the timing may be bad as Philadelphia will entertain rival the Washington Redskins on Monday Night Football.  Guess what the topic of discussion will be?

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