Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Watch: Carlos Gomez hit a home run without touching home plate

photo credit SI.COM
                   photo credit SI.COM

Let see, it only took the second batter of the game to rev up this much drama in the first inning as Milwaukee Brewers center fielder, Carlos Gomez hits a rocket dead center for his 23rd home run of the year. He can tell you that because he admired it from a far, yep he stood right there and watched it! When he did decide to run around the bases he had some choice words for Braves first baseman, Freddie Freeman! As he was rounding third base he barked at pitcher Paul Maholm, and then standing in his way of home plate was no other than catcher Brian McCann, who had enough of Gomez and his foolishness. Take a look:

                                    courtesy of mlb.com

McCann was just as wrong as Gomez, he escalated it more; but if you are representing the Atlanta Braves what other choice do you have? McCann is a hero to some as he made a stand protecting the Braves brand! The question is WHY? Does it have anything to do with Maholm hitting Gomez on two different occasions in the past? Too bad these two teams aren't playing one another in the playoffs! Oh by the way, does Gomez EVER touch home plate?

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