Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Watch: Johnny Cueto strikes out on his breaking bat!

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I guess it would have been a first. A pitcher actually breaking a bat over his knee after striking out. That is what Cincinnati Red's ace, Johnny Cueto tried to do Tuesday night after striking out when attempting to bunt. Only problem was he lacked the skills and charisma of a Vincent "Bo" Jackson, who perfected the breaking a bat over the knee. Take a look:
Johnny Cueto batcredit Cut 4

Ouch! Come on Johnny, your job is to pitch! The last thing we need to see is you on the 15 day DL for what would be an ill-advised injury! For starters, try breaking a bat that is on the verge of breaking! For future reference study some of the other ball players that have had success in doing so. Hey Johnny, checkout Bo Jackson:

Now Johnny, don't even think about breaking one over your head. That would be insane and added embarrassment!

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