Monday, July 29, 2013

Saints QB Drew Brees disses a waitress with a crappy tip

                         courtesy goes to msn.foxsports.com

Saints quarterback Drew Brees, who is the heart & soul of New Orleans with his charitable ways, wasn't so charitable earlier this month when paying for his dinner bill. According to Thedirty.com, someone leaked a receipt from Del Mar Rendezvous restaurant that belonged to Drew Brees. The alarming part was the tip, showing how much he thought of his waitress.
courtesy of dirty.com
courtesy of dirty.com

Okay, now a $3.00 tip pretty much sums it up. This young lady must have done plenty wrong; but come on Drew. Brees is one of the highest paid athletes in all of sports and his infant child could have paid that tip. Athletes tipping waitress a low wage seems to be a on-going thing. Toronto Blue Jays outfielder, Melky Cabrera had a similar issue. He doesn't make near the amount of dough Brees make (thanks to PEDs!) but at least he gave a little bit more.

 Hey, whom am I the say how Mr. Brees spends his money. I'm sure he was justified for doing what he did. That's how you stay wealthy right, spend your money wisely; but if he is in the wrong, then shame on him, its rough being a waitress. Spread the love Drew!

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