Saturday, October 12, 2013

VIDEO: No Johnny No, No!

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What was the reaction to the State of Texas when Johnny Manziel went down to a knee injury? Complete silence! No Johnny No! The play happened in the first quarter of the Texas A&M/ Ole Miss game when Johnny Football rolls out to his left scrambling away from Rebel defenders and as he released his pass, take a look:
courtesy of ESPN

Well, you could here more than a pin drop because the game is played in Oxford, Mississippi! Thank goodness for the turf as it seems to be the only way Johnny was going down! Manziel grabs his knee after collapsing from a non-contact play. He was seen by A&M's medical staff and they placed a fitted knee brace on him.
Well, if you were rooting against the Heisman Trophy winner to be hurt, the jokes on you, he came back just to prove his knee was alright by doing his signature move of making defenders miss.
Hand the man the Heisman Trophy again, he is by far the most exciting player in college football, PERIOD!
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