Saturday, October 19, 2013

Watch: Prince ill-advise base running includes a ill-advised belly flop!


Where is Prince Fielder's Snickers endorsement? He obviously worked pretty damn hard to earn it with his piss poor performance this entire playoff series. His post-season play was at an all-time low. The 29-year-old slugger posted an .181avg in the ALCS with one extra base hit and ZERO RBIs! Fielder has been distant, head hasn't been in the game and when he had a chance to capitalize on an insurance run in the sixth inning of game six, he got caught in a rundown that ruin a big inning. Not only did he get rundown, he tried to belly flop his way back to third! Take a look: 2013-10-19 22_32_57 check out this angle in slomo!
2013-10-19 22_35_57 T-I-M-B-E-R! This unfortunate play caused by Prince concluded a double play as Dustin Pedroia was savvy enough to tag out Victor Martinez before Jarrod Saltalamacchia ran down Fielder.

 Ladies and Gentlemen, this play sums up Fielder's entire post-season play. A FLOP!

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