Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Watch: Cubs Phenom Javier Baez Hits Game Winning Home Run

Javier Baez is one of best talents in the minor leagues.  He's an offensive threat who hits everything!  He can hit fastballs, curveballs, whatever you pitch!  Baez owns the minors leagues the last two seasons hitting 60 home runs and 191 RBI in 104 games.  Well the Chicago Cubs came calling his name Tuesday night and Javier didn't disappoint at all.  Baez is the said to be the best talent since Mike Trout.  In his first major league game Baez went hitless in his first four at-bats; but in the 12th inning Javier showed the Chicago Cubs why he was called up.  Take a look via MLB.com
His first major league hit is a game winning home run giving the Chicago Cubs the victory beating the Colorado Rockies 6-5 on Tuesday night!  Better get that rookie card!

-LeRoy McConnell III

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