Sunday, August 3, 2014

Watch: Freddie Freeman snatches souvenir from a fan

courtesy of mlb.com                                                                               courtesy of mlb.com

One of the many perks attending a baseball game in the majors is the possibility of leaving the stadium with a souvenir.  It's not often; but there are times when a foul ball or maybe even a home run ball comes in your direction.   You may only get one chance to get that ball so you may have to fight for it.  The only problem is you may have to wrestle a big league player for it.  Ask the fan in San Diego who attempted to catch a foul ball that drifted in the front row of the first base side.  What look like a souvenir for the eager fan ended up being a pretty nice catch by Freddie Freeman.  Take a look: (via MLB.com)

Looks like Freeman stole that baseball from that fan who had hands were all over it.  Was that fan interference?  Rules say if a fan touches the ball it means interference.  No challenge was used on that play so the out counted.  Oh by the way great concentration by Freddie Freeman leaning over and making a great catch!

-LeRoy McConnell III
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