Friday, August 22, 2014

Watch: Russian GP3 Driver Goes Airborne Without A Scratch

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Russian GP3 driver Konsantin Tereschenko can count his lucky stars or perhaps play the lotto after this wild display today during a practice session at Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium.  Take a look at how fortunate the 20-year-old driver is after this unexpected crash he endured today:

My Lamb!  This would have been perfect scene for the latest Fast & Furious series or Need For Speed! What do you think the Russian driver was thinking as he went airborne, rolling over and crashing down into the pavement.  This was Tereschenko practice debut as you can see how cool he was after the crash taking off his glove while the back-end of his race car was on fire!  I can only imagine what the response would have been if that was me.  First you say it, then you do it!

 -LeRoy McConnell III

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