Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Watch: Fan's Attempt At Catching Foul Ball Becomes Epic Failure!

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Note to anyone attempting to catch a foul ball.  When catching a souvenir at a baseball game you might only get one opportunity.  If you are going to make a heroic attempt you better come up with the ball.  Watch this attempt at catching a foul ball earlier today:
— MLB GIFS (@MLBGIFs) August 13, 2014COME ON MAN!  Is this the best you can do?  You are falling over chairs and to think you missed the ball completely!  Hold on, hold on, are you alright man?  He's alright?  Good, good glad you are okay.  Man look at yourself, shaking my head! Take notes from this kid who does it the right way: (via MLBGIFS)
Now that's how you catch a foul ball!  -LeRoy McConnell III
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