Saturday, September 6, 2014

Watch: Taysom Hill hurdle through Longhorns for a score

BYU quarterback Taysom Hill just added himself into the Heisman race after this unbelievable play against the Texas Longhorns Saturday night in Austin, Texas.  Despite the knee brace on the left knee Hill displays some supreme athletic agility maneuvering through the Longhorn defense and hurdling over one of the defensive backs for a score.   Take a look. (via SN0WBLACK_SwellGuy) After a 6-0 halftime lead in Austin this Taysom Hill 30 yard touchdown opened up the floodgates in Austin. Texas fans had to be delighted by the performance in the third quarter by Hill as he provided all the offense going into the fourth. He orchestrated three consecutive drives resulting into three touchdown scores.
-LeRoy McConnell IIII

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