Monday, September 8, 2014

Watch: Lorenzo Cain hits a inside-the-park home run while Tigers collide!

(Elizabeth Conley / The Detroit News)
                                    (Elizabeth Conley / The Detroit News)

The most exciting divisional race in baseball belongs to the American League Central. Division leader Kansas City Royals visits Detroit Tigers for a two-game series with the Tigers trailing by one going into this afternoon's game. Well Detroit takes game one by the final score of 9-5. Plenty of offense in today's game but there was a memorable play that happened in the top of the seventh inning with the Royals down 8-3. Lorenzo Cain of the Kansas City Royals hits a fly ball to right-center field and both Tigers outfielders Don Kelly and Torii Hunter ran into each other. It gets better, Kelly runs over to Hunter not realizing that the ball wasn't in Hunter's glove. Take a look where the ball ended up at: (via MLB.com) Now mind you, Torii Hunter is one of the best defensive outfielders the game has ever seen and the confusion on that play resulted in Hunter and Don Kelly colliding. Whatever happen to the phrase "I GOT IT"?

Hunter is a tough guy, the 38-year-old shook it off and stayed in the game. As for Lorenzo Cain, he was credited for an inside-the-park home run but it wasn't enough. Tigers take game one and trail the Royals by one game in the division.

-LeRoy McConnell III

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