Monday, September 8, 2014

Roger Goodell drops the ball on the Ray Rice fiasco

With all the resources and billions of dollars the National Football League has, you're telling me that they never saw the video released by TMZ Sports before today. Ray Rice and his fiancee made it publicly that there was an altercation in a elevator and the NFL never got a hold of that video. Who's running this organization? A young woman could have been killed! We already knew Ray Rice admitted to the assault and to only receive a two-game suspension? Roger, I thought you knew all the facts? I thought you knew everything about every person who comes through the National Football League. With all the NFL security teams investigating you mean to tell me you couldn't get a hold of that tape!

For those of you still in the dark here's the clip that the National Football League didn't see until today: (tmz.com)

A two game suspension was all Ray Rice received from the NFL and in a court of law; a man can't be tried twice (double jeopardy). There is no need to increase the punishment, we all know from the first video where Rice was dragging his (fiance/now wife)out of the elevator the punishment should have been more severe than a two game suspension in the first place. On August 28, 2014, Goodell changed the rule on domestic violence from two games to a six game suspension. The actions and the consequences of Ray Rice don't meet up at all. Somebody owes the public answers.  For your sake Commissioner Roger Goodell, Ravens GM Ossie Newsome and Coach John Harbaugh, I hope it never comes out that you all saw this tape prior to today. If so, you need to pack your bags, and take Ray Rice with you.  If you want a quick fix you better get Olivia or Papa Pope on the phone and quick!

Update on the Ray Rice situation.  Baltimore Ravens cut Ray Rice as of 2:30 pm edt.  Commissioner Roger Goodell has suspended Ray Rice indefinitely.  A decision was made and made correctly.

-LeRoy McConnell IIII

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