Thursday, September 25, 2014

Watch: Derek Jeter gets game winning hit

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After David Robinson blows a ninth inning save, Derek Jeter says goodbye to Yankee Stadium in a storybook fashion getting the game winning walk-off single against the Baltimore Orioles for a Yankee 6-5 victory. Take a look (via GIO)

As a Jeter fan you knew he would rise to the occasion. He was built for his clutches and with opportunity you knew damn well he would deliver. Jeter, who rarely shows emotions can finally let out huge sigh of relief. All Derek ever wanted to be was the New York Yankee shortstop and for 20 years he did it well and with class! Jeter finishes his last game in Yankee Stadium going 2 for 5, 3rbi

-LeRoy McConnell III

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