Saturday, September 6, 2014

Barry Sanders Jr. Gets Pulverized!

20140906_170433 What better way to start off Week 2 of the college football season with division rivals Standford vs USC.  Both teams are biding for an early lead in the Pac-12 conference so expect nothing but smash mouth football for four quarters.  If you don't believe how hard these two teams are hitting then check out this highlight that happened in the first quarter as USC senior linebacker Hayes Pullard pulverized the offspring of Barry Sanders! Take a look: (via Steve Noah  ) Needless to say that wasn't Barry Sr. running the ball as he would have done some sort of Houdini move to evade that vicious hit!  Stanford's quarterback Kevin Hogan probably could have saved young Barry Jr. as he hasn't been back into the game since.

-LeRoy McConnell IIII

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