Monday, September 1, 2014

Watch: Matt Kemp Evades Tag By Blaine Boyer at Homeplate.

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Blocking the home plate controversy has once again ruled its ugly head and this rule has to be adjusted immediately.  There has been several instances so far since the rule has come into play this season.  With a month left in the season it is vitally important to resolved these issues before it becomes a major problem come playoff time.  For example, take a look at today's game between the Dodgers and Padres.  Matt Kemp is on third and heads home on a pass ball thrown by Padres pitcher, Blaine Boyer.  Watch how this play at the plate turns out.
How did Blaine miss that tag! Well I will tell you why; because of the Rule 7.13!  Hesitation once again played a factor in the outcome of this play.  If Boyer was able to block some of the plate then Matt Kemp's "Houdini" efforts goes to waste and he's a dead duck!  Boyer flat-out missed the tag and it was great effort by Kemp evading the tag resulting in a run scored.

Bottom line is I know Major League Baseball is out to protect their players, I get that.  There is a disadvantage for the defensive players.  If the catcher/pitcher is covering home plate with the ball waiting on the baserunner its possible that the play will be overturned which is preposterous.  If I'm the third base coach and I have a baserunner at third, I give him the steal home sign every time.  With the rules in play right now he will automatically be safe at home because of this blocking rule.  Bud Selig, before you hand the reigns over to Rob Manfred, please FIX THIS!

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