Friday, May 31, 2013

Chris Andersen Gets Testy With Tyler Hansbrough

courtesy of SBNation
courtesy of SBNation

On what could have been a devastating blow to the Miami Heat. Chris Andersen was only given a flagrant and a technical foul when knocking Indiana Pacer's forward Tyler Hansbrough down in the second quarter of game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals. Andersen answered critics when they say Miami is soft, so he's trying to bring a little toughness to the squad but social media will wonder why Chris Andersen wasn't ejected for the push against Hansbrough. If you remember when Miami faced Chicago Bulls in the semi-finals, Nazr Mohammed was ejected for the push and flop of LeBron James. If Miami pulls game 5 out, Indiana Pacers may have a gripe why Andersen was able to continue playing. Take a look at the video:
Watch the block of the Birdman moments later on Tyler.

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