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The 8 Famous Mommies In Sports

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Happy Mother's Day to all the mommies all over the world. Moms are famous for several reasons: For there nurturing, being a tad bit on the crazy side, and well, you know "MILF." Here at Sports-Kings we want to shed light on The 8 Famous Mommies In Sports.

8. Wilma McNabb: Mother of former NFL QB. Donovan McNabb
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Wilma McNabb is better known as America's Favorite Sports Mom. She became famous in her own right thanks to the Chunky Soup commercials, where she fed her son and teammates. She put an end to the fake mom on the commercial as it only made since for her to play the role of Donovan's mom since in fact she is his real mom!  

7. Gloria James: Mother of NBA Super Star LeBron James
Gloria James, the proud mother of LeBron, you talking about someone who hit the lottery! I don't know who really is the parent here, her or LeBron. It's amazing that LeBron turn out to be spectacular on and off the court because of the antics his mother puts him through are disturbing. Slapping a hotel valet attendant while intoxicated, mouthing off with Boston Celtic's Paul Pierce after he fouled James hard during LeBron's Cleveland days, and of course the rumors of her and Delonte West!  

6. Sonya Curry: Golden State Warrior's Super Star Steph & Former Duke standout Seth Curry
The Milf, the most talked about mom in college basketball, I sure hope she starts showing up to some of these NBA games now since both of her kids are done with the NCAA. There have been countless of times that she is compared to the beautiful actress, Thandie Newton. Sonya, also was an athlete. She was a volleyball player at Virginia Tech, same place where she met her husband, former NBA player Dell Curry.  

5. Ann Iverson: Mother of Former 76ers Great Alan Iverson
If you were an Allen Iverson fan, then you knew his mother quite well. She was trying to be just as hip as her trendsetting son. Then again she was just a baby herself as the mom and son duo are only fifteen years apart. When the initials A.I came about, one would wonder who you were talking about, Allen or Ann! Ann Iverson has to be at the top of the list of moms' who defends their son when he is right or wrong. Sometimes it's better if mom just stay out of it.  

4. April Justin: Mother of Alabama recruit Landon Collins
Who says that mother's always knows best. Well Ms. Justin will tell you she does. Her son, Landon Collins, is one of the most coveted high school seniors in the country, chose to play football at Alabama next season. No brainer right, playing for Nick Saban and the national champions, Alabama Crimson Tide. Only problem was mommy didn't approve. Let's see how she felt about his decision and what she wants him to do.  

3. Pamela Bryant: Mother of 5 Time L.A Laker Champ Kobe Bryant 0503-kobe-pam-bryant-tmz-getty-3
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No child should ever think about putting his or her hands on their mom. Especially her neck and no Kobe didn't do such a thing, but he was probably thinking it. I suppose that Mother's Day won't be celebrated on Kobe's end as he has an ugly lawsuit over his childhood memorabilia. I guess since Kobe won't front mommy with more money for a new home, Pamela Bryant is taking matters in her own hands by selling items of her beloved son all the way back from his high school days. I have to say, MY LAMB!
2. Pamela McGee: Mother of Denver Nuggets Javale McGee
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Pamela was the first WNBA player to have a child play in the NBA. Pam is the overprotective mom who manages Javale's career. Lord knows what she maybe doing to Javale's social life when it comes to women! Fortunately we may soon see a reality show called Millionaire Mama’s Boy, starring Javale and Pam which will be airing on Oprah's network real soon.
1. Janet Hill: Mother of L.A Clipper's Grant Hill
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The Hill family were compared to the Cosby show (Heathcliff & Claire) because it was rare to see an African-American couple, both having professional careers. She married a Yale graduate and former Dallas Cowboy running back, Calvin Hill. Mrs. Hill raised one of the most elegant, respectable gentleman that the NBA has ever had in Grant Hill. Oh by the way Janet Hill will always be linked with Hilary Clinton because they were roommates in college.
Happy Mother's Day
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