Saturday, June 1, 2013

Adrian Beltre & Elvis Andrus Fight For A Infield Pop Up

It's must be nice being able to play for the Texas Rangers, who currently have the best record in baseball (32-17). So nice that Adrian Beltre and Elvis Andrus can clown around in the infield for a routine pop up. Beltre, who is probably the best defensive third baseman in the MLB called off Andrus several time, swatting him off while Andrus was snickering, being defiant and wouldn't layoff the play. Watch the result and Beltre's look after the play.
courtesy of MLBFanCave

Earlier in the game there was a conference at the pitcher's mound and Elvis did a no no and grabbed Beltre's head. Adrian is notorious for being sensitive about his head as he loathes anyone touching it. Beltre tried to do a karate kick and threw his glove at Elvis but missed as Elvis ran back to his shortstop position. Fun times for the Texas Rangers!

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