Saturday, June 1, 2013

Roy Hibbert Stands His Ground As LeBron Gets A Technical

courtesy goes to www.guardian.co.uk

Emotions are high for LeBron who is seemingly by himself as he tries to will his team to another NBA Finals appearance. But first they must get through the Indiana Pacers and big man Roy Hibbert, who has been a force in the 2013 playoffs. In this video you will see Roy Hibbert and LeBron James in a major collision. You decide, was it a blocking foul or a charge?

In my eyes it could have gone both ways, LeBron used his arm and Roy did not go straight up. Either way, I think LeBron has had enough! The technical was warranted and for the first time this series we see some true emotions from LBJ! By the way, where was LeBron running after?

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