Saturday, June 1, 2013

MLB Needs Instant Replay For Crying Out Loud!

courtesy to news.yahoo.com

Milwaukee Brewer's shortstop Jean Segura gets my vote for an academy award for the job he did fooling second base umpire, Mike Estabrook in the ninth inning of the Brewers/Phillies game. Philadelphia used Kyle Kendrick as a pinch runner. He was on second base as the potential tying run with one out. Milwaukee had reliever K-Rod on the mound who made an attempt to pick off Kendrick from second base and watch what happens.

courtesy of MLB.com

You have to be kidding me! Did you see how Segura used his glove to tag out Kendrick? Then Jean got clever and showed umpire Estabrook the ball with the other hand. All this happening while Kyle Kendrick is clearly safe because Segura never had control of the ball. Didn't you just love the fist pump by Jean Segura when Estabrook called Kendrick out! What about Kendrick, he had to know he was safe, he was staring at the ball on the ground and not one time did he put up a fight. MLB, WHERE IS THE INSTANT REPLAY? Oh by the way, Brew Crew wins 4-3!

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