Saturday, June 1, 2013

Adrian Beltre's Head Is The New Fetish

Someone please tell me what is the big deal about Adrian Beltre's head? It's become a fetish to several of his teammates for years. When he does something remarkable you tend to see players touching (we call it SUCTION) his head. Does touching his head give good luck? By the look of Beltre's reaction, he does not tend to think so. Well, that's the wrong way to react especially around a bunch of grown men playing a child's game.

Adrian can thank former Seattle Mariners teammate Felix Hernandez because he is the one who exposed Beltre's pet peeve! If you don't like when people touch your head then don't go crazy when they do so. Everyone loves a train wreck!

Look at Adrian's reaction when teammates touch his head. This incident happened just last night. Elvis Andrus, is a thorn in Beltre's side and he loves to pick on him as they tend to horse around a lot. In the same game the two Ranger players fought over a pop fly, and Adrian swatted at Elvis before making the grab. courtesy of Eye on Baseball Even Manager Ron Washington joined in the fun. Watch Washington get some suction!
Ever since the Texas Rangers acquired him, they have been one of the best teams in baseball. So like it or not Beltre, suctioning your head is a good luck charm.

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