Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Watch: Raul Ibanez demonstrates why there is a need for PEDs

                                  photo credit to deadspin.com

In light of the title, we are picking a little fun at Seattle Mariners left fielder Raul Ibanez. Raul committed one of worst throwing errors of the season Tuesday night against the Toronto Blue Jays. Ibanez, who is having an epic season at the plate at age 41 with 24 home runs, wishes he could have a do over on a defensive play that happened in the seventh inning when Edwin Encarnacion hit a double to left field. Raul had no problems tracking the ball down; but as he attempted to make a throw, well take a look:
credit mlb.com

Raul's throw attempt never left the outfield allowing Jose Bautista to score the seventh Blue Jays run. I guess it didn't really matter, the game was out of reach, the Mariners were down seven runs at the time and had already given up four errors!

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