Saturday, August 17, 2013

Watch: Scott Wearne takes down a 7-10 split with a baseball

photo courtesy web.theabl.com.au
                              photo courtesy web.theabl.com.au
When Scott Wearne isn't manning the second base position for the Melbourne Aces (Australia), he's perfecting his latest gimmick that has gone viral. All he needs is a bowling alley and a baseball. Long goes the days of throwing a basketball from the rafters only to hit the bottom of the nets; or tossing a football from the stands and watching it land in a fifty gallon drum. This video is the new way of bowling take a look:

Is that some trickery or what? I know, you may have to take a look at this again. A 7-10 split! Did he just throw two baseballs out of one hand. It's got to be fake! Scott Wearne looked like a pitcher! I wonder what would happen if someone tried that over here in the US?

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