Sunday, August 4, 2013

Watch Adam Dunn swing a big stick

credit photo to espn.go.com
                                       credit photo to espn.go.com

Adam Dunn is one individual who never cheats himself swinging a big stick. The left-handed slugger can launch a baseball with the best of them. Dunn will never be known for his clutch hitting but he will provide a Reggie Jackson-like swing and when he connects "Lord Have Mercy!" Today was one of those days where everything felt right and the former Texas Longhorn backup quarterback connected and got a hold of one. Take a look: courtesy of mlb.com

It was a kind gesture by centerfielder Austin Jackson to make an attempt to run after the ball; but in all honesty all he had to do was look up and over.
I say in about two more seasons, Major League Baseball will have a reincarnation of Jim Thome as Adam Dunn will be approaching 500 home runs. He is sitting a 432 now at the age of 33.

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