Friday, August 23, 2013

Watch: Ian Kinsler hustle his way to a inside-the-park home run

credit photo to David Banks/Getty Images
                           credit photo to David Banks/Getty Images

Ian Kinsler led the Texas Rangers to a season-high five home runs Friday night against the Chicago White Sox. Kinsler was the only Ranger home run not to leave yard as he sent a Chris Sale pitch down left field line that turn into the most exciting play of the night. Kinsler had some help when the baseball rolled into the drainage track under the left-field wall. White Sox left-fielder, Dayan Viciedo went after it, notice it was under the wall and haphazardly raised his hands trying to get the umpire to call it ground rule double. You want to know why? Kinsler was hustling around the bases! Take a look:
courtesy of mlb.com
As you can see Viciedo clearly gave up on the play giving Kinsler an opportunity for an easy home run. Usually when you hit a inside-the-park home run a slide is involve! It was Ian Kinsler 11th home run of the year.

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