Thursday, August 8, 2013

Watch: Miguel Cabrera tips ball cap after stumbling over third base

courtesy of Ed Zurga/Getty Images
                      courtesy of Ed Zurga/Getty Images

When you are the best player in baseball you have to remember that all eyes are on you. Miguel Cabrera, who is the reigning Triple Crown winner and MVP of the American League, just found another way to entertain the crowd without using a bat or glove. Cabrera advanced to third base successfully on a force play but stumbled over the bag landing on all fours! It was one of those moments when you fall and you hope no one witnessed the do so. Well they witnessed it, take a look: mlb.com

It was one of those moments that we see on a Snickers or South West Airlines commercial "Do you want to get away?" It was the only thing the Cleveland Indians' fans could cheer about as the Tigers won their 12th consecutive game, winning 10-3.

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