Friday, April 12, 2013

Don Mattingly Sounds Off "Stupid" Move By Carlos Quinten

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Don Mattingly is furious with the "idiot" Carlos Quinten as he said why would anybody try to hit someone in a one run game with the count full. He also stated that Quinten is known for diving into pitches. Do what ball players do and take your base. If Carlos would have done that then this issue would have been avoidable. He said Carlos caused the whole thing and Quinten shouldn't be able to play until Greinke is back from injury. If I were Mattingly, I would be irate as well as one of my aces who makes $590,000 a start is now out with a broken left collarbone. Take a look at the clip.
Carlos said that Greinke said something to him and he rushed the mound both leading with their shoulders several times which led to Greinke's injury. Quinten has no remorse for the unfortunate injury to Zach Greinke, as he also said that the whole incident could have been avoided. The two have history and it was the final straw. Carlos Quinten's response
If Carlos Quinten is asking for a suspension and a hefty fine, he may get his wish, wow! Tell us how you really feel, no contrition what-so-ever, and it's only the second week of the season. I know it's upsetting what happen to Zach Greinke and I wish him a speedy recovery; but MLB needed this, guess what the subject of conversation will be in the next couple of days.

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