Wednesday, April 10, 2013

(Watch)Central Arkansas Beats Grambling 30-0 Without The Mercy-Rule

central arkansas1
  When is it okay to throw in the towel or raise the white flag. After Tuesday night butt whooping, I think the NCAA needs to bring back the mercy-rule. Thank goodness this game wasn't played on the gridiron in the fall because I think the late, great, Eddie Robinson would have rolled completely over in his grave! I guess I have to commend Grambling for staying the whole nine accepting defeat the way they did. I am sure they thought the game would never end. It ended though, after Central Arkansas put a 30 spot on the board and to top it off, they pitched a shutout on poor Grambling. Here's a look at the offensive explosion that happened Tuesday night.
Here is breakdown on what went on. Put the women and children to bed first.
If I were Grambling State, I would invite them to a fall classic on the gridiron, maybe then they could return the favor!

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