Saturday, April 6, 2013


GIOGuess what? Five new names are added to the Biogenesis clinic PEDs scandal. No, it's not a yawner, in fact its quite interesting to see who was the next ballplayer selling their soul to the devil. Unfortunately, the new members to the doping scandal are irrelevant to the baseball society though they will have to hang their heads in shame. The new players listed in documents from the Biogenesis of America clinic run by Anthony Bosch.
There is some exciting news that came out of the grueling investigation down there in Miami. Mike Fish and T.J. Quinn of ESPN's Outside The Lines have first reported: "According to two sources familiar with Bosch's operation, however, the Washington Nationals' Gio Gonzalez, previously identified as being named in Biogenesis documents, did not receive banned substances from Bosch or the clinic."
Gio Gonzalez: on your behalf, I will help you clear your name. LET THE TRUTH SET YOU FREE! IT'S UNFORTUNATE WHEN AN INNOCENT MAN IS AMONGST SCANDAL, ESPECIALLY WHEN THERE ISN'T A MAGICAL WAY TO COMPLETELY CLEAR YOUR NAME. As you can see, five additional names have been added to the PED worshipers. I hope in your defense, the investigation that exonerated you continues to keep your name from anymore disgrace. Mr. Gonzalez, as a baseball fan, I hope to send a trend in your defense. YOU HAVE BEEN EXONERATED IN MY BOOK. THE SLATE IS CLEAN!
LeRoy McConnell III
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