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The All-Time Franchise Player on each Major League Baseball Roster.

There are 30 Major League Baseball teams across country. Each team has at least one significant individual that is the consummate ballplayer who represent everything the organization is about. As we take a look at each team which ballplayer shows to be the most influential person to donned a uniform for that franchise. Some teams will have that obvious no brainer pick chosen to represent their team. What about the teams that were successful in multiple eras? We can only choose one player for each team that deserves the title Mr. Baseball.
American League East
Mr. Baltimore Oriole is Frank Robinson
This selection is not as easy as it sounds when you have the likes of Eddie Murray, Jim Palmer, Cal Ripken Jr. and Brooks Robinson. Mr. Baltimore Oriole goes to Frank Robinson. I know how much of a darling Cal Ripken Jr. and Brooks Robinson are but Frank Robinson is Baltimore's son. The 1966 MVP, Triple Crown winner and 2-time World Series champion('66,'70) He also was the manager for 4 season for the Baltimore Orioles. Robinson's numbers as an Oriole were .300BA/882H/179HR/545RBI/.543SLG/.944OPS in 6 seasons.
Mr. Boston Redsox is Ted Williams
With the prosperous history of the Boston Red Sox Wade Boggs, Roger Clemens, Jimmie Fox, Pedro Martinez and Carl Yastrzemski all come to mind. To me Mr. Boston Redsox has to be Teddy Ballgame. Though he was a difficult soul to love in his playing days in Boston. It's impossible to leave out the last man to hit .406, twice a triple crown winner and twice mvp of the league. Ted Williams' numbers as a Red Sox were .344BA/2654H/521HR/1839RBI/.639SLG/1.116OPS in 21 seasons.
Mr. New York Yankee is Derek Jeter
The most difficult team to choose by far. I will not include Babe Ruth because he is labeled as is the first professional baseball player recognize by all. There are plenty more Yankees such as Yogi Berra, Joe DiMaggio, Lou Gehrig, , Reggie Jackson, Mickey Mantle and Mariano Rivera. When it's all said and done number 2 is on pace to being the greatest Yankee of all-time. He learned a lot from the Yankee tradition as he is a winner, he is the modern-day Joe DiMaggio, he is the only Yankee to eclipse the 3000 hit list (hard to believe). It's amazing that he has been able to keep a squeaky clean image in the Big Apple. A role model for all. Mr. New York Yankees belongs to Derek Jeter. Jeter's numbers as Yankees so far are .313BA/3265H/.382OBP/.831OPS/347SB
Mr. Tampa Bay Ray is Carl Crawford
Is it possible that a team that hasn't been in existence 15 years have a Mr. Tampa Bay Ray? The Rays have only been relevant the last four years and maybe it's because of Evan Longoria and David Price. I don't think either one have enough skins on the wall to warrant the title as of yet. There is one man who does represent the standard as he leads the franchise in hits, runs, and stolen bases. Mr. Tampa Bay Ray is Carl Crawford. Crawford's numbers as a Tampa Bay Ray were 296BA/1480H/103TRIPLE/432SB in 9 seasons.
Mr. Toronto Blue Jay is Dave Stieb
Off the top of my head it probably should be Joe Carter because of his heroics in the 1993 World Series when he hit a walk-off, 3 run homer against the Phillies, Mitch Williams, to end the series. What about other players such as Roberto Alomar, George Bell, Carlos Delgado, Roy Halladay and Jimmy Key. I believe Mr. Toronto Blue Jay goes to Dave Stieb . By a small margain over Roy Halladay. As a Blue Jay, Dave Stieb won 175G/30SHO/103CG/3.44ERA/1658SO in 16 seasons.
American League Central
Mr. Chicago White Sox is Frank Thomas
I can do a list of White Sox players but none would be worthier than the Big Hurt. Mr. Chicago White Sox is Frank Thomas. Frank Thomas burst onto the scene putting up Hall of Fame numbers standing at 6'5 280lbs, an intimidating force but really the opposite. Other White Sox to consideration were Luke Appling, Paul Konerko and Ted Lyons. Frank Thomas' numbers as a White Sox were .307BA/2136H/448HR/1465RBI/1466BB/.427OBP/.568SLG/.995OPS
Mr. Cleveland Indian is Bob Feller
If we were speaking modern-day only then Jim Thome would win my vote as he is truly the most popular Indian alive but there is a war hero the city of Cleveland love a little bit more. Mr. Cleveland Indian is Bob Feller. He was a 20 game winner in his teenage years, the hardest throwing pitcher before He remains the Indians all-time leader in shutouts, strikeouts. Other considerations were Albert Belle, Tris Speaker and Jim Thome. As an Indian, Bob Feller won 266G/44SHO/279CG/3.25ERA/2581SO in 18 seasons. Feller missed 3 prime season due to war.
Mr. Detroit Tiger is Tyrus Cobb
Numbers never lie, have you ever heard of a major league hitter knocking in 1805 rbi for a franchise by only hitting 111 home runs. Who says you have to be a power hitter. It does help to have 3900 hits and a lifetime batting average of .368 as a Detroit Tiger. Mr. Detroit Tiger goes to Tyrus Cobb. I wonder is the Detroit Tigers franchise the only organization with two members with at least 3000 hits with one team. The other man is Al Kaline. Hank Greenberg is not to shabby himself! Ty also scored over 2088 R/1148BB/869SB/.434OBP/.516SLG/.945OPS in 22 seasons with Detroit.
Mr. Kansas City Royal is George Brett
One name and one name only. George Brett is Mr. Kansas City Royal. 20 years in a Royals uniform, the ultimate professional who did nothing but bring respectability to the Royals organization. When he retired, the Royals had simply died. In 1980, Brett made a run at .400 batting .390. He is the only major league player to win a batting title in three different decades. Who is going to tell George Brett he isn't Mr. Royal? You've seen his reaction during the pine tar incident! Honorable mention belongs to Hal McCrae and Frank White. George Brett's numbers as a Royal were .305BA/3154H/317HR/1591RBI/.369OBP/.487SLG/.857OPS in 20 seasons in Kansas City.
Mr. Minnesota Twin is Kirby Puckett
A short, chubby man with a very large stick comes to mind. This individual was the heart and soul of the only two World Series championships in team history. Did I say he was short He made some incredible plays with the bat and the glove. Standing at 5'8, this individual definitely played bigger than anyone in his era. Mr. Minnesota Twin goes to Kirby Puckett. Had my eye on Bert Blyleven, Rod Carew, Kent Hrbek, Harmon Killebrew and Tony Oliva. Kirby Puckett's numbers as a Twin were .318BA/2304H/.360OBP/.477SLG/.837OPS in 12 seasons in Minnesota. Kirby's career was cut short due to glaucoma. Several surgeries occurred but vision was never restored.
American League West
Mr. Los Angeles Angel is Nolan Ryan
One of the biggest mistakes in the Angels history was letting this man become a free agent. All he did in an Angel's uniform was strike people out. Hint, hint! Mr. Los Angeles Angels goes to Nolan Ryan. Someone explain to me how a dominant pitcher strike out 383 batters and finishes second in the Cy Young race. Other considerations were Garrett Anderson, Rod Carew, Chuck Finley and Tim Salmon. Nolan Ryan won 138W/156CG/40SHO/3.07ERA/2416SO/1.294WHIP in 8 seasons as an Angels.
Mr. Oakland A's is Rickey Henderson
Oakland A's, has a substantial amount of superstars from the likes of Vida Blue, Jose Canseco, Dennis Eckersley, Jim"Catfish"Hunter, Reggie Jackson, Mark McGwire and Dave Stewart. There was a guy who named himself "The Greatest"! Mr. Oakland A's goes to Rickey Henderson who without a doubt believes he is "The Greatest"! I can't think of another ballplayer that beats to a crazy drum like Henderson. He will find a way to get on base, swipe second to get in scoring position and top it off by crossing the plate to add to his run total. He was one of the most individual stat counting ballplayer the game has ever seen. I guess we must take in account that he may know what he is talking about. I guess! Rickey Henderson's numbers as a Oakland A's were .288BA/1768H/1227BB/1270R/867SB/.409OBP/.839OPS in 14 seasons.
Mr. Seattle Mariner is Edgar Martinez
The Seattle Mariners hit the jackpot twice raising two teenage ballplayers into perinneal superstars. Unfortunately they couldn't keep either one in a Mariners uniform. The story of Alex Rodriguez and Ken Griffey Jr. speak for themselves. Both players were superstars in their time in Seattle. No one will ever match the human highlights Griffey displayed running down flyballs and that sweet swing, priceless. A-Rod, innocent at the time, putting up numbers at the shortstop position that no one in history before or since has done. Two beloved players but not the most important Mariner. First of all, this individual's BAT was just as important as those superstars mentioned, and unlike them, he never chased the mighty dollar of free agency. Mr. Seattle Mariner is Edgar Martinez. Other considerations are Jay Buhner, Randy Johnson and Ichiro Suzuki. Edgar Martinez numbers were .318BA/2247H/309HR/1261RBI/.418OBP/.515SLG/.933OPS in 18 seasons.
Mr. Texas Ranger is Nolan Ryan
If Chuck Norris a.k.a "Walker Texas Ranger" had any say in the voting he would choose himself as Mr. Texas Ranger. Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez was the heartbeat for the Texas Rangers for 13 years and still a fan favorite. Michael Young was handed the torch when "Pudge" left Texas and has blossomed into the captain of the team. However, once again Mr. Texas Ranger without saying is Nolan Ryan. Though he only played 5 seasons in a Ranger uniform, he was known for his milestones. In a Ranger uniform he won his 300th game, he threw his 5000th strikeout, he pitched his sixth and seventh no-hitter in a Texas Ranger uniform. Nolan Ryan is Mr. Texas Ranger because he saved a franchise that was in bankruptcy. Since he took over management and now part-owner, the Texas Rangers have been part of the last two World Series (2010,2011) and currently one of the best teams in the Majors. Their farm system is amongst the best in baseball, all because of Mr. Texas Ranger's Nolan Ryan. Other considerations were Juan Gonzalez, Josh Hamilton, Charlie Hough and Rafeal Palmeiro.

National League East
Mr. Atlanta Brave is Henry "Hank" Aaron
The Braves franchise can be considered the most underrated organization in the majors as they have produce some legendary ballplayers from multiple eras. Similar to the Yankee's franchise, their are plenty of deserving individuals who could wear the title Mr. Brave. Its obvious that Hank Aaron is the most deserving, the way he played the game, the threats he faced when approaching Babe Ruth's homerun record. He has been known as a class act though still a little underapreciated. Let the debate began. It's a no brainer that Hank is the first choice but you couldn't go wrong with the likes of Tom Glavine, Chipper Jones, Greg Maddux, Eddie Matthews, John Smoltz and Warren Spahn. Hank Aaron's numbers were .305BA/3600H/733HR/2202RBI/2107R/.377OPB/.567SLG/.944OPS in 21 years as an Atlanta Brave.
Mr. Philadelphia Philly is Michael Jack Schmidt
You know how special you must be to be loved in Philly? Mike Schmidt knows, he knows very well as he spent 18 seasons manning the left side of the diamond. Schmidt was the greatest all around third basemen in the major league history. It helps being the MVP of the 1980 World Series. The 3 time MVP will forever have a place in the Phillies heart. The city of brotherly also loves Steve Carlton, Ryan Howard, Pete Rose and Robin Roberts. Mike Schmidt's number were .267BA/548HR/1595RBI/1506R/1507BB/527SLG/380OBS/908OPS in 18 seasons with the Phillies.
Mr. Washington National/Montreal Expo is Tim Raines
First of all no one on the Washington Expos are worthy of being on the list. However they do have potential stars in Stephen Strausberg and young phenom Bryce Harper. To be continued! Before there was a National, we must talk about the Montreal Expos whose franchise was snake bitten because they couldn't keep their players. First of all this individual needs to be in the Baseball Hall of Fame. This man started things off at the top of the order for many years and to some was the National league version of Rickey Henderson. Mr. Expos/Nationals goes to Tim Raines. Other strong considerations were Gary Carter, Andre Dawson, Andres Galarraga, Vladimir Guerrero, Pedro Martinez and Larry Walker. Tim Raines numbers were .301BA/1622H/793BB/947R/635SB/.391OBP/.829OPS in 13 seasons as a Expos.
Mr. Miami Marlin is Luis Castillo
The name Luis Castillo is not a everyday household name. Don't blame me, blame the Marlin's ownership , who is responsible for not keeping any of their superstars that came through their organization. I won't fought them for it, they have won two World Series in their nineteen years of existence. Mr. Marlin goes to Luis Castillo who won a World Series in 2003. Other considerations were Hanley Ramirez, Josh Beckett, Miguel Cabrera, Josh Johnson and Cliff Floyd. Luis Castillo's numbers were .293BA/1273H/42TR/281SB/.370OBP/533BB in 10 seasons with the Miami Marlins.
Mr. New York Met is Tom Seaver
The Mets will never reach the standards of the mighty Yankees but they had some important moments such as the '69 Miracle Mets. Mr. New York Met starring Tom Seaver. Seaver won the Cy Young Award the same year he help the Mets win their first World Series against the Baltimore Orioles. Other considerations go out to Gary Carter, Dwight Gooden, Keith Hernandez, Darryl Strawberry and David Wright. As a New York Met, Tom Seaver won 198G/2.57ERA/171CG/44SHO/2541SO/1.076WHIP in 12 seasons.

National League Central
Mr. Chicago Cub is Ernie Banks
Ernie Banks is the only major league ballplayer that has a nickname after the team name. He was and still a true ambassador for the Cubs organization for all these years. He defines the definition of the greatest player of any franchise as his attitude is like no other. He continues to bolster a unworthy franchise. Other considerations were Andre Dawson, Ferguson Jenkins, Ryne Sandberg, Ron Santo, Sammy Sosa and Billy Williams. Ernie Banks' numbers were .274BA/2583H/512HR/1636RBI/1305R/.500SLG/.830OPS in 19 seasons.
Mr.Cincinnati Red is Pete Rose
It could have gone multiple ways. Johnny Bench is just as popular, does anyone remember his show that came on Saturday morning before This Week In Baseball? Joe Morgan and his back to back NL MVP in '75 and '76. What about Frank Robinson, who was the first superstar Cincinnati ever had. Rookie of the Year and National League MVP. I chose Charlie hustle because he has been blackballed everywhere. I know Pete Rose wants to be in the Baseball Hall of Fame more than anything, but he be better served to stay out of it. His name is more popular than anyone in the hall. As long as he is not in, they will always be speaking of him. Despite the controversy Mr. Cincinnati Red is Pete Rose. Other consideration were Eric Davis, Barry Larkin and Tony Perez. Pete Rose's numbers were .307BA/3358H/1210BB/1741R/115 3B/601 2B/.379OBP/.804OPS in 19 seasons.
Mr. Milwaukee Brewer is Robin Yount
This ballplayer was the ultimate team player, being able to excel at both centerfield and shortstop; while gaining two American League MVP awards. For twenty years he gave his body up to put up hall of fame numbers and that is why Mr. Brewer goes to Robin Yount. Soon Ryan Braun will rival Yount as he has put up magnificent numbers since he came up in 2007. I also like Cecil Cooper, Prince Fielder, Paul Molitor and Ben Oglive. Robin Yount's numbers were .285BA/3142H/251HR/1406RBI/.430SLG.772OPS in 20 seasons.
Mr.Pittsburgh Pirate is Honus Wagner
Not to many ballplayers can rival the great Tyrus C0bb. I had mention earlier that Alex Rodriguez could have been the greatest shortstop of all-time if he would have continued at that position. The title will stay with Honus Wagner as he put up sizzling numbers in his time with the Bucs. He is the greatest pure hitter Pittsburgh ever had. Mr. Pirate goes to Honus Wagner. I chose him over Roberto Clemente because he is the one Pirate that fans forget about. The plane crash that involved the demise of Roberto Clemente heightens his popularity and by many put Clemente's popularity over Wagner. Other choices were Barry Bonds, Roberto Clemente, Ralph Kiner, Willie Stargell and Paul Waner. Honus Wagner's number were .328BA/2967H/639SB/232 3B/1475RBI/1521R/.394OBP/.468SLG/.862OPS in 18 seasons.
Mr. St. Louis Cardinal is Stan Musial
This megastar hasn't played professional baseball since 1963, and til this day he is the most revered Cardinal in their organization. Mr. Cardinal is Stan Musial. Just like the Yankees, the Cardinal organization has royalty and a wealth of success both in players and World Series. With the departure of Albert Pujols, Musial's individual records will continue to stand. Other strong considerations were Ken Boyer, Lou Brock, Dizzy Dean, Bob Gibson, Rogers Hornsby, Albert Pujols and Ozzie Smith. Stan Musial's numbers were .331BA/3630H/475HR/1951RBI/1949R/.417OBP/.559SLG/.976OPS in 22 seasons, all with St. Louis.
Mr.Houston Astros is Craig Biggio
The last twenty years this ballplayer did all the little things that don't show up in the box score He was the ultimate team player by calling games behind the plate, playing both second base and the outfield. If the team needed a key hit, a bunt, stolen base, or a defensive stop he was your guy. Mr. Houston Astros is Craig Biggio. It is classic Biggio to get beamed by a pitch and hustle down first base. Being struck by a pitch was a badge of honor and to his credit, he never charged the mound. Other strong considersations were Jeff Bagwell, Lance Berkman, Larry Dierker, Joe Morgan, Roy Oswalt, Nolan Ryan and Mike Scott. Craig Biggio's numbers were .281BA/3060H/291HR/1175RBI/1844R/414SB/.363OBP in 20 seasons with Houston.

National League West
Mr. Arizona Diamondback is Randy Johnson
The Diamondbacks are also a expansion franchise that has bee around since 1998. It didn't take much time for this organization to get a taste of a World Series ring as they upset the heavy favorite Yankees in 2001. Randy Johnson was the first big chip the Diamondback added in 1999. He came right in a turn the franchise around bringing three consecutive Cy Young awards to the organization. With the help of Curt Schilling, they were both co-mvps in the 2001 World Series. Other considerations Luis Gonzalez, Curt Schilling and Brandon Webb Mr. Diamondback goes to Randy Johnson as he made a expansion team into a winner. Randy Johnson's numbers were 118W/2.83ERA/38CG/14SHO/2077SO/1.068WHIP in 8 seasons with the Arizona Diamondbacks.
Mr. Los Angeles Dodger is Sandy Koufax
Though his career ended early because of elbow issues, can you name another pitcher to have more strikeouts than innings pitch. Sandy Koufax is a given as Mr. LA Dodger? It is possible that he could be the best pitcher of all-time. Since 1966, there has never been a left handed pitcher win 27 ball games in a season. In a five year span he won 3 Cy Young awards and he is second to Nolan Ryan in no-hitters with four. One of his no-hitters was a perfect game and that describes Koufax best, a perfectionist. Other considerations were Roy Campanella, Don Drysdale, Steve Garvey, Orel Hershiser, Tommy Lasorda, Mike Piazza, Jackie Robinson, Duke Snider, Fernando Valenzuela and Maury Wells. Sandy Koufax numbers were 165W/2.87ERA/137CG/40SHO/2396SO/1.106WHIP in 12 seasons as a Dodger.
Mr. San Francisco Giant is Barry Bonds
Only in San Francisco can the great Barry Bonds walk around without the negative vibes. Like him or not he was the most watched baseball player in our time. Was he a train wreck, no but each time the bright lights were focus on him he delivered. He had flair and cockiness. He was a great that missed out on a World Series ring and probably will haunt him the rest of his life. The memories will always be there and he put up plenty of milestones. Mr. Giant was once upon a time Willie Mays, now it is Barry Bonds. Other considerations were Will Clark, Carl Hubbell, Tim Lincecum, Juan Marichal, Willie Mays, Willie McCovey, Gaylord Perry and Matt Williams. Barry Bonds' numbers were .312BA/1951H/586HR/1440RBI/1555R/1974BB/263SB/.477OBP/.666SLG/1.143OPS in 15 seasons with the Giants.
Mr. San Diego Padre is Tony Gwynn
This man could have taken his talents to the NBA. Instead, he found himself as an everyday player for the San Diego Padres' franchise for over 20 years. Do you believe that this man only struckout 384 times in 9288 at-bats! He was the best pure hitter since Ted Williams, as he hit .394 in a shorten season due to the strike. Mr. San Diego Padre goes to Tony Gwynn. Other considerations were Adrian Gonzalez, Trevor Hoffman, Jake Peavy, Benito Santiago and Dave Winfield. Tony Gwynn's numbers were .338BA/3141H/543 2B/1138RBI/1383R/.388OBP/.459SLG/ .847OPS in 20 seasons all with San Diego.
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