Sunday, April 14, 2013

(Watch)It's Grooming Time For The Mavericks

Finally! Cut that $#*t off! After 4 months of climbing up a steep hill, the Dallas Mavericks finally got to cut their miserable, shaggy looking beards off. Some of the Maverick players, who can grow facial hair, made a pact to grow their beards and wouldn't shave it off until they reach a .500 record. Dallas Mavericks at the time of the pact were as much as 10 games below .500 so you can understand why they raced back to the locker room after defeating the New Orleans Hornets 107-89. The Mavericks were not playing for the post-season for the first time in eleven years; but at least they showed some pride continuing to fight and reaching a small goal of a .500 record.
"It's been too long," the clean-shaven Nowitzki said. "My wife stopped kissing me somewhere in February. It feels good to shave again."
Not only did the Mavericks win today but Dirk Nowitzki also scored his 25,000 career point.

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