Saturday, April 6, 2013

Melky Cabrera says that he believes he deserves a World Series ring

Just when you thought Melky Cabrera was contrite about his ill-advised actions in the 2012 baseball season which afforded him a 50 game suspension for using PEDs, he boldly comes out an expresses his wish for a World Series ring via twitter! According to a conversation Cabreara had with Bob Nightengale:  
  As quiet as its kept, maybe Cabrera has a point. Melky did lead the NL in hitting and batting average which landed him an invitation to last years All-Star Game. If wasn't for his 2 for 3 performance that included a 2 run homer off Matt Harrison, the San Francisco Giants may not have had home field advantage. Soon after, Cabrera admitted to PEDs and had to served his 50 game suspension. San Francisco did the right thing by removing themselves away from him completely and not allowing him to return to the team. Melky, a word of advice my friend. The last thing you could possibly want is your name mention for anything other than your play. When the San Francisco Giants hears that you want a ring, they probably will giggle! If I were you, I would be thankful for your second chance and move on.
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