Sunday, April 7, 2013

Watch SNL: Mike Rice Is No Sheila Kelly

Ladies & Gentlemen meet the basketball coach that put former Rutgers coach, Mike Rice to shame. She is the current Middle Delaware State head coach, Sheila Kelly and boy does she have a temper! Well, I guess we should have a some compassion for Coach Rice, he never threaten his players with toasters, or made his players shoot free throws with roller skates on while being threaten with a bat. They both do have history of hitting, shoving, cursing, kicking, it's in their DNA. Did you see the fear on her assistant coach face? I won't even mention the fact that her players had to make dinner for her at practice, hmm. I wonder how many Rutgers players can actually cook? I know SNL was teasing Mike Rice with actress Mike & Molly star, Melissa McCarthy, who played a tyrant name coach Sheila Kelly. But, seriously the Rutgers basketball program did nothing to protect their players and it was a travesty that situation happen. Fortunately the videotape was leaked out and we witnessed the verbal and physical abuse that went on and hopefully there will be closure and healing for those young men and their families. For coaches who have similar issues of a Mike Rice, you have been warned, watch the video and get a good laugh at it, then think about it, her tactics are not working and neither did Mike Rice.  
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